Thursday, October 19, 2006

"New PL Nepotism"

Since the London Free Press has downsized its journalistic standards, reporting and editorial content has shriveled to grade-school rationalizations and summary paraphrasing of city hall and candidate press releases. Not much positive can be said for the city's print media anymore… and now it appears that it's the local television channel's turn to lessen its efforts. A reader passes along this story from the Southern Ontario/WNY Radio-TV Forum:

A-Channel in London recently lost a great talent in Julie Simpson who prior to quitting was most recently hosting a “Health & Home” segment on the supper hour news.

After she quit the full-time position was posted. Lo and behold, the job was awarded to Jan Sims. You might remember Jan as a replacement anchor at CFTO, she also did some work at CKVR. Then again, you might also recognize Jan as being the A Channel News Director’s wife. That’s right, with 45 people about to lose their jobs and morale at an all-time low; the News Director actually hired his own wife.

But, wait, the story continues to get better!
Read the rest of the story of the lengths the A-Channel has gone to accommodate nepotism in favour of quality broadcasting here.


Anonymous said...

They say Hollywood is like high school with money. London's A Channel management are like highschool kids without the disposable income...
Naturally the Free Press would never even consider covering the story.

Honey Pot said...

Just another case of.... it's not who you know, but who you blow.

A-channel has a way of making the most interesting news as dull as dishwater.

Sky Captain said...

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Anonymous said...

its just like any bussiness now adays......... No service, just prophits.
The end user .the customer suffers. Which is where they get their profits from.