Monday, October 2, 2006

Most Annoying Canadian 2006

The finalists for the Most Annoying Canadian have been selected by Autonomous Source. It's a tough choice, but let the voting begin.


Anonymous said...

Note well:

With the exception of Kate, every single one of the annoying Canadians is annoying because they are inflicted on you by the government. Either they are the government, or they live off the government, or else it's their life's mission is to make the government do something to you. Even Mulroney Jr. - there's no way his little karaoke show would exist if it wasn't for the CRTC.

Jay Jardine said...

After much consideration (McGuinty makes my skin crawl, but he'd be better off representing just the people of Ontario - I don't have to deal with him out here), I had to throw in with Mad Maude. The sheer presumptiveness of her mission to speak for all Canadians should guarantee her the title.

Anonymous's point is well taken.