Tuesday, October 31, 2006

London's pocket banlieues

Lorne Gunter, National Post:

Social housing must be counted as one of the greatest failures — and there are many — of the "progressive" thinking of the 1960s and 1970s.

Nearly everywhere large public housing projects have been built, they have become incubators for crime, drug dependence, fatherless families, unemployment and welfare.
The rampant lawlessness, rioting and crime in the giant housing estates of France have lately thrown the deleterious effects of social housing into stark relief (on top of which radical Islam is "the spin on the ball," in Gunter's words). The diffuse distribution and smaller scale of these projects in London have fortunately minimized the worst excesses of these effects; we are left instead with localized epidemics of property crime, robberies and isolated violence. Less fortunately, however, this has obscured and diluted recognition of the economic and social impacts of social housing. But as commenter Jake noted yesterday, the recent shootings in London took place — as with much of the crime in London, both violent and property — in those particular and familiar areas of town:
that you most likely see these problems (eg the usual suspect "skid row" areas with government funded/subsidized housing). With that said, by no means do I think this issue should be swept under the rug. These areas should have increased police patrols and tougher sentences for gun crimes.

[But] It's the socialist left on council (Eagle, Winninger, Baechler, and Bryant, Armstrong) that constantly whines in support of social housing (which are substandard and promote perpetual poverty) and [a] "hug-a-thug attitude" that are the problem.
[Thanks to Kim Ainslie for pointing out the Lorne Gunter story.]

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for discussing my post from yesterday. Just a footnote to further prove my point: If you ever read the London Free Press and look at the crime stoppers crime watch column (basically states where all the minor crimes incidents were reported, you will notice that most of the break-in, robberies, and petty thefts occur in the London's ghetto social "projects" or "skid row" areas. Grab a highlighter, and I think you'll be surprised.