Sunday, October 1, 2006

Let's celebrate diversity as the Corporation of the City of London wilts!

For the second year in a row, London Ontario has received "five blooms" from the Communities in Bloom judges.

Judges at an awards ceremony in Owen Sound awarded London the maximum five blooms and an award for urban forestry among similar-sized cities.

They praised the city's green spaces, landscaping and general tidiness.

And they encouraged the London committee to enter the city in the national Communities in Bloom competition.

[..] Communities in Bloom is a national program that offers municipalities the chance to complete at either the provincial or national level.

Cities are judged in eight categories, including diversity and originality of landscaping, green spaces, environmental awareness, heritage and the level of community involvement.
Apparently the judges did not make the trip downtown, or they would have noticed the needles, cigarette butts and graffitti that decorate the sidewalks and buildings of our elitist city. If the judges had been obliged to step over and dodge downtown vagrants on their tour, the prestigious award would have been presented to Hamilton instead.

As usual, the evil hetronormative capitalists are to be blamed for not sharing their money with the downtrodden. There is nothing free about capitalism. It costs us all. The greedy downtown merchants and their patrons are more concerned about profits than people. Worse still, they accuse the oppressed homeless of London of harrassment when they beg for a few hunks of bread!
A growing number of vagrants in downtown London are harassing customers and hurting business in the core, businesspeople charged yesterday.

From sleeping in parking garages and doorways, to verbally assaulting customers and, in one recent case, setting fire to a downtown apartment building, the growing number of homeless and poor is hurting efforts to improve the downtown, they agreed.

"Our clients are getting accosted," said Joe Drummond, manager of Hilton London on King Street. "In front of the hotel, in the parking garage, they get asked for money and if they don't give it, (vagrants) become aggressive. We have had to intervene a few times."
Their scorn is misplaced. They should blame Mike Harris, Stephen Harper and George Bush:
Many blamed the former Mike Harris provincial Conservative government, which cut funds for social services, pushing people with mental illness onto the street from institutions.

The situation has worsened considerably, however, in the last year since the Salvation Army opened the Men's Mission on York Street and its Centre of Hope at Wellington and Bathurst streets, offering housing for men, women and youth, a clinic staffed by a doctor and nurses, counselling services and a food and clothing bank.
It is never enough. The poor have an insatiable appetite because they were bullied as children. As a consequence, many of them cannot read. Thankfully, the human rights commission is currently looking into equiping all public service announcement posters with loud speakers and free pre-programmed ipods. Free mind fuck for the masses is also being considered as a scientific solution to civic unrest.
A methadone clinic is operating on Dundas Street across from H. B. Beal secondary school and the former grocery store at Colborne and Dundas streets will reopen as a St. Leonard's Society centre, housing programs for troubled youth.

Also, many social service agencies have been clustered in the Market Tower at Dundas and Richmond streets, said Bob Usher, chair of the London Downtown Business Association.

[..] "We have noticed it is a growing trend since the Salvation Army opened. It may be politically incorrect, but it is there. There needs to be a serious look at this problem."

London police and Salvation Army officials could not be reached for comment.

There are rumours on the street that other communities, such as Woodstock, Guelph and Toronto, are telling their homeless to go to London because it has two new Salvation Army shelters, Usher said.
Why should taxes collected from Londoners be restricted to London residents when Kitchenerites starve? It's not fair. It's so not fair!! The city is right to blame the fiscal imbalance, but our municipal government is also open to criticism for not providing more free food, housing and drugs with the funds available to them. Just imagine! They spend all of their time talking about garbage and even spend money to repair the roads, although the poor cannot afford to drive and cars cause global warming. The residents of the Salvation Army's Men's Mission don't even get free tickets to the JLC. London merchants should be opening their cash registers to proletariats everywhere. So long as equitable income redistribution is prevented by tight-fisted capitalists who harbour the mistaken belief that they have a right to the fruits of their labour, the oppressed will continue to demand what is owed them.

The community must be on guard against individuals who seek to rise above community standards. The planet is one great big melting pot of diversity and multiculturalism. If you pass wind in London Ontario, you are contributing to global warming. Society demands reparations:
Jeff Praill doesn't like waking up in the morning and discovering he is being sexually assaulted by other men.

"I don't think that is right," Praill told a conference yesterday on mental health and homelessness in London.

"I don't think anybody should have to sleep outside. I don't think anybody should be hungry."

[..] Addicted to drugs, Praill was a homeowner and landlord in the city before ending up on the street. He now spends his days trying to find the cash to pay for his next hit.

He said he is a petty thief, but tries not to be a menace to other people.

"I'd like to be clean. I'd like to have some shelter. I can't give up on myself."

Turned away from meal programs in London when the food runs out, Praill said he doesn't mind going through other people's garbage or dumpsters to find food. But the allowance he receives from social services doesn't allow him to rent accommodations that are safe, he said.

[..] Unless Praill is provided with proper housing he will never beat his drug addiction, [Outread worker Jim] Watkin said.
If only we would listen to those fine words of wisdom penned by the loving hand of Karl Marx: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Praill doesn't need a job, but he does need your money to survive. Be sure to remember Praill on Thanksgiving weekend as you stuff your face with turkey. And if you are too greedy to give up your dinner for the sake of the homeless, at least leave a larger than usual offering for them in the dumpster.

Send Fenris more of your money. He cares.


Anonymous said...

Elect Joe Fontana for mayor.
Brown envelopes with cash for the needy.
Maybe even an end to London's current corduroy roads.
London, 'communitiesbylkak in bloom' with brown cash stuffed envelopes!

Anonymous said...

Spellchecker brain fart - should read 'communities in bloom'

Sky Captain said...

This Prail guy has a point-you wouldn't expect John Wayne to get homosexually assaulted while sleeping on the range now, would you?
It wouldn't cost a penny to patrol a particular park at night, so that homeless people could doss down in safety.