Friday, October 27, 2006

It's official: London is a Pothole City

Who needs Joe Fontana? London's already "on the map" thanks to the Ontario Worst Roads Survey, which released its results this week. Although the democratic results of polling — in which Western Road and Thompson Road were popularly voted the second- and fifth-worst roads in the province respectively — were diluted this year with the survey's own inspection of roads, they still received respectable finishes in the top ten at nos. four and nine, in order. Sadder for Londoners, however, the survey apparently deferred to political considerations this year and abstained from releasing the final rankings of cities according to voters. Fortunately we can report that, thanks to the fine and civic-minded contributions of the residents of this great bumpy city, London placed second this year behind only Toronto and well ahead of Ottawa — a significant accomplishment and an improvement over last year's third-place finish. Appreciation is owed to the Ontario Worst Roads Survey and to the selfless diligence of Londoners who cast their votes (and reader Jake Lachelli who has kept us updated throughout the survey). But gratitude must especially go to the politicians of London who have made this honour possible — despite having collected among the highest property taxes in the province, they still deliver the worst services! Way to go, London politicians, you're the worst!

Of Western Road:

Another Worst Roads perennial - and the section of 'road' through the university campus area remains one of the worst roads this coalition representative has ever seen. Craters everywhere that create small lakes after a rain. Ruts, cracks and every possible fault a paved surface can be seen….Western Road then also creates chaos for motorists only a short clip south nearing Oxford St. where it abruptly changes from two lanes in each direction to one.
And of Thompson Road:
Voters are particularly vocal about the worst section of this city street between King Edward Street and Adelaide. In this section the pavement is cracked and broken across both lanes. The curb lanes are particularly bad, exhibiting broken asphalt and sizable potholes.
Yes, it's Pothole City, courtesy of the "tax-raising, pork-barreling, career politicians at city hall," and immortalized by the legendary Frank Le Fou.