Monday, October 9, 2006

Irene Mathyssen on women and candidates in the municipal election

According to an article in the London Free Press last week, some Canadian women's groups are left wondering "what's left" for them after the Conservative government cut $5 million in tax-based funding to the Status of Women Canada agency and eliminated funding for

  • research and polling activities not directly tied to a project that will result in an outcome that would improve directly the situation of women; and
  • domestic advocacy activities and lobbying of federal, provincial and municipal governments.
Indeed, good question. What is left for groups that have no purpose except to research, advocate and lobby? In contrast to charitable groups that provide direct assistance to women in need, the research, advocacy and lobbying of these women's groups must be and is directed to flattering the arbitrary perquisites of unelected bureaucracy to distribute the financial privileges by which they subsist, a self-perpetuating circle jerk of ingratiation at the expense of the taxpayers from whom the subsidies and privileges of both are exacted. But she who lives by the bureaucracy must perish along with the bureaucracy. Will anyone weep for the National Association of Women and the Law (NALW) and the Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA), who have apparently already "closed their doors due to insufficient federal funding" — sounding very much like groups that were exclusively dependent upon the involuntary contribution of taxpayers? Has anyone ever even heard of them?

Anyone, that is, except London-Fanshawe NDP MP Irene Mathyssen who cites their inconspicuous demise in an outspoken crusade against the Conservative government's change in program for the Status of Women — an hysterical contrivance in defense of the entitlements of special interest groups to affluence and influence. Of course, by subsisting themselves off of politically-motivated privileges and exemptions, these groups are incestuously disposed to supporting the socialist philosophy of the NDP that itself inherently promotes the political distribution of privileges and exemptions. As appalling as Mathyssen's self-serving contempt of taxpayers and democracy may be, it is her contempt for women she shows by conscripting them into an army of helpless welfare recipients for apocalyptic scenarios of anonymous servitude and deprivation that is particularly humiliating:
“This is an outrage!” said Mathyssen. “These absurdly restrictive guidelines will mean the end of essential research relating to women in Canada. Long-term and national initiatives will no longer be eligible for the crucial funding they rely on.”

[…] “This is a clear attack on women’s rights in this country. The Conservatives are trying to silence Canadian women.” said Mathyssen.

[…] “The Conservative Government is not committed to promoting women’s equality”, said Mathyssen. “They are abandoning women in this country.”
On the contrary, it is Mathyssen and the special interest groups that she supports that silence and abandon women in this country by subsuming them under a political agenda. In Mathyssen's world, the rights of women — or men, for that matter — stop where they are compelled to support those politicized causes to which they do not subscribe or to which they may be entirely antagonistic.

Noting Irene Mathyssen's contempt for women, taxpayers and democracy, it might also be instructive to consider the contempt for which she has shown her office in her official capacity as a member of the House of Commons when her NDP London-Fanshawe riding association, of which she was an active member at the time, endorsed a number of candidates in the upcoming municipal election. As J. Daniel O'Neail, candidate for ward four, noted last month, these endorsements were a violation of section 3, subsection 3 and 3(e) of the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons which defines as a conflict of interest for MPs:
A Member is considered to further a person’s private interests, including his or her own private interests, when the Member’s actions result, directly or indirectly, in any of the following

[…] (e) the person becoming a director or officer in a corporation, association or trade union
i.e., the person becoming a director or officer in THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF LONDON. Mr. O'Neail's communications with the riding association and Dr. Bernard J. Shapiro, Ethics Commissioner, resulted in the removal of Mathyssen as an active member of her riding association — now an ex-officio member — and a revision of the riding association's wording to imply an "encouragement" rather than an official position. Nevertheless, the riding association's endorsements remain without Mathyssen as an official member, although she is still making endorsements for individual candidates on her own in an official capacity (see below). These may yet prove to be a double-edged sword. From the NDP London-Fanshawe riding association:
The London-Fanshawe NDP encourage our members and supporters to support the following candidates. Contact their campaigns, take a sign, make a small donation, and most importantly support them with your vote.
Gina Barber
  • Gina Barber (pictured at right participating in an anti-war rally in Victoria Park last year), running for Board of Control, a member of the Ontario NDP executive, a two-time failed NDP candidate in the last two federal elections, an environmentalist and pesticide ban proponent, and anti-development activist — in short, an unrequited communist with a personal endorsement from Mathyssen;
  • Brian Rice, running for Board of Control, a former NDP candidate in the federal election 1987 Chatham-Kent, and an NDP campaign organizer;
  • Gord Leffley, ward one candidate, recording secretary for the NDP London-Fanshawe riding association;
  • Bill Armstrong, ward four councillor and ward two candidate, endorsed Irene Mathyssen's bid for election last year; and,
  • Greg Thompson, ward four candidate, for whom Mathyssen has also written a personal endorsement.
Irene Mathyssen

The London Fog wishes to thank J. Daniel O'Neail, candidate for ward four, for communications and clarifications regarding this post.


Honey Pot said...

In this moment of time, having an ndper endorse your campaign is like the kiss of death.

What was Greg thinking? He knows fucking well he is going to have to endorse a safe injection site in Old East for their support.

As far as the status of women goes, no one gives a fuck. All thinking women realized it was an over priced social club for the silver-spooned socialist. The money those bimbos wasted on stupidity,and lining their own pockets, could have went to much better use.

Honey Pot said...

Things you won't read on altlondon, due to censorship.....

Dan, don't you think you are being a bit hard on Irene? I mean come on, she is a female and shouldn't be held to the same ethical standards as a male. How was she to know it was unethical? Wouldn't it be the responsiblity of the male ndp party members to point this out to her? It must be a set-up.

P.S. thanks Irene, old east does not need a safe injection site. I am sure if you start working on it now you can get the people who live in your hood to welcome one with open arms.

Honey Pot said...

"Greg is committed to building a more vibrant, healthy, and balanced London, commitments we both share. I am proud to be lending my support to Greg and know that together, he and I will get results for you."-Irene the unethicial Mathyssen

hmmmm, that part is interesting... "him and I will get results for you."

What do you mean by that Irene? do you mean Greg Thompson is your ndp puppet? What deals did Greg make with the ndp for their unethical endorsement? Did he promise you he would shut up when you lobby for the safe injection site to be put in Old East? Do you have funding dollars for another humiliating social program lined up for the disenfranchinsed on the commercial corridor of Old East? Come on Irene, spill the beans.

Sky Captain said...

That's a splendid, cheerful Gina-person! Who is the 'Lady In Red' anyway?
I've a donkey she could make friends with.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, perhaps you should get your facts straight.
Mathyssen was not removed as a member of her Riding Association, MPs are ex-officio members from the day they are elected. The ethics commissioner dismissed O'Neail's complaint outright.
As a male voter in London-Fanshawe, I think Mathyssen is doing the best job of any MP we've had in living memory. Partisan politics aside, she helped me and my family, she cares about others and works for her constituents. Too bad all you folks can do is look through your narrow, ideological, blue tinted glasses and criticize.
Wonder how long any of you would last if you had to grow your own food or produce your own electricity? It takes community effort to build and sustain a community.