Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How to supersize your council combo

Orlando Zamprogna, former London city councillor and controller, on lingering efforts to eliminate Board of Control:

On balance, Zamprogna prefers to keep an elected board that is strong enough to compensate for a weak mayor or act as a check on a powerful one.

Selecting an executive board could be a messy affair for council, potentially leading to horse-trading and bitterness that's been seen in the past when council filled board vacancies.

Zamprogna believes if the board is eliminated, councillors will become full-timers who'll do anything to stay in power for lack of careers to fall back on.

"We will see the rise of the professional politician who makes decisions based on populist causes rather than tough leadership," he said.
London has one full-time professional politician on council too many as it is already. See also Jim Chapman's Board of control issue a waste of time.

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Lisa Turner said...

Indeed the board of control issue is a waste of time and a diversion from the real problems that plague our city. The abolishment or retention of the four elected bandits will do little to prevent the horse-trading and bitterness that currently exists in London so long as the same commies keep running the show. Current board of controllers are no less arbitrary in their judgements nor less self-interested than members of council or unelected city staffers for that matter.