Monday, October 30, 2006

Gundon 2006

As the majority of candidates seeking election here in London Ontario promise to protect the trees, preserve heritage and promote the arts, the property taxes keep on rising and the guns continue to fire. A man on the street with an orange shirt responds to the apparent mix-up in priorities by defending the red shirts running for office:

"The promotion of an attractive landscape and a vibrant cultural scene is the only effective way to reduce crimes committed by those who feel isolated from the community. We also need to pass legislation to ensure anti-bullying and sensitivity training continues in our schools."

Standoff on Cheapside Street:

A 44-year-old London man was shot dead yesterday and investigators with Ontario's police watchdog are probing the shooting.

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) was called yesterday morning to 613 Cheapside St., just east of Adelaide Street.

London police had responded to a domestic dispute call at about 6:30 p.m. Saturday and found a man had barricaded himself alone inside the home.

After a few hours of negotiations, a shootout erupted about 10:30 p.m. and continued for 30 minutes. Police resumed negotiations, but at 5:30 a.m. yesterday, officers entered the home to find the man dead from a gunshot wound.
Teen shot in the stomach with shotgun
The search is ongoing today for suspects in a Sunday-night shooting that left a London teen in critical condition.

A 17-year-old suffered a shotgun wound to the stomach at 945 Huron St. — a London public housing complex — about 9:30 p.m. Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I would take these recent shooting with a grain of salt. These two shooting in particular occurred in areas of London that are notorious for violent crime (Cheapside-Boullee Street and Huron Heights). These are the areas that you most likely see these problems (eg the usual suspect "skid row" areas with government funded/ subsidized housing) With that said, by no means do I think this issue should be swept under the rug. These areas should have increased police patrols and tougher sentences for gun crimes. It's the socialist left on council(Eagle, Winninger, Baechler, and Bryant, Armstrong) that constantly whines in support of social housing (which are substandard and and promote perpetual poverty) and "hug-a-thug attitude" that are the problem.

Chinook7 said...

I would contend that the majority of gun related crimes are committed by those who do not own registered firearms. That said, I strongly contend that handguns should be restricted to law enforcement officials and the military, there is no need for civilians to have them. Harsher sentences for gun related offences is probably the key factor in reducing unpleasant headlines such as the above.

MapMaster said...

The first is, as you admit, only a contention… which even if true leads to what conclusion? Your second contention — a strong one, at that — is actually not a contention at all, but a proposition supported only by itself as an opinion without having provided any reason or evidence for a reason to do so. Certainly, you have not drawn a connection between your first contention and this proposition.

But I agree that there is certainly a demand for harsher punishments for violent crime. Violent offenders are too often released to perpetrate crimes again.

Chinook7 said...

To clarify, my initial assertion essentially states that controlling gun crimes is probably a difficult undertaking in light of the fact that many of those crimes are perpetrated using illegally acquired, and hence unregistered firearms.

My second statement essentially highlights my own belief that handguns serve no other purpose but to kill people, as they are disallowed under the Hertiage Hunting and Fishing Act of Ontario. Based on that, I do not see a need for civilians to carry such weapons and perhaps they should be relegated to military and police usage. I suppose I failed to consider those who are "collectors" or target shooters, but perhaps they could find more constructive hobbies.

I suppose my conclusion, which somewhat ties into my initial contention, is that gun crimes, though difficult to control, might be best reduced via harsher sentences.

Hmmm...nothing like having my silly statements systematically deconstructed on some backwater blog dedicated to the goings on of a nondescript town, but hey, I chose to visit

Sky Captain said...

Talking of violence, my neighbour was just resting while inventing new pollutions;'broken arm-boy' must have been somebody else's neighbour.I hope whoever broke the arm gets his money's worth.
There are some odd people in my tenement, on the whole good people, but it's beginning to look as though I'll be moving on.