Friday, October 13, 2006

Giant Douche meets Turd Sandwich in London Ontario mayoral race

Six years later, Anne-Marie DeCicco spends her afternoons knocking on the doors of Londoners with "A Focus on the Future", which includes

  • Five new libraries
  • Revitalized community centres
  • Expanded outdoor recreation facilities
  • National and international conferences, cultural and sporting events like the Memorial Cup
Meanwhile, the streets continue to crumble all around us as the crime rate rises along with property taxes. The city is in debt for recent capital extravagances, and yet the mayor is promising even more treats you won't be able to afford.
“We still have a lot of work to do,” DeCicco-Best said today, as she drove to an event after an afternoon of door-knocking.

“We were out in the snow today and we’re going to keep getting our message out and knocking on doors and we won’t be taking anything for granted.”
Joe Fontana claims Anne Marie's literature is full of nothing, while offering something for nothing in return.
Asked today if his campaign lacks focus, Fontana said, “Possibly . . . my message is going to be sharper, no doubt.”

But if his campaign is guilty of trying to say too much then Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-best is guilty of saying almost nothing, Fontana said.

“I’m not putting out motherhood and apple pie . . . I’m not putting out brochures like the mayor’s that say nothing,” he said.

The mayor later defended her brochures, saying, “(It’s) getting great results at the door.”
So who shall it be? Giant douche or turd sandwich?

Decicco vs Fontana


Anonymous said...

Bwha ha ha ha ha!!!

That graphic is PRICELESS!!

Sky Captain said...

I think you're all very rude.

Deep Trout said...

Even the dullards from London Fog should realize that Ivan is the only real mayoral candidate.

As a matter of fact, I'm pounding back a six-pack of Ivan's Ale right now.

Lisa Turner said...

Deep throat:

Judging by the frequency of your comments here, seems you enjoy reading "dullards." Once you sober up a bit, I recommend you consider voting for Arthur Majoor.

Deep Trout said...

Ah, Lisa my sweet pea. I don't think that I can be considered a "regular poster" here, but I do admit to dropping by once in a while to see what the busy little squirrels are up to.

Regarding Arthur Majoor, I've talked to the man to sound him out and in all honesty I've met brighter lightbulbs in the hardware store. He's wasting everyone's time including his own.

If one is serious about getting elected to a municipal council, you don't run for mayor first time out, moreso if you're a unknown from the Planet Zeron. Arthur's all Reaganomics, trickle-down blah de blah de blah blah blah.

Wake me up when he's no longer wet behind the ears. Say in another 15 years and he's got a clue of what he's doing. As it is, he's just another nutty-buddy bar one percenter.

Lisa Turner said...

Deep Throat:

So who are you going to vote for? Turd Sandwich or Giant Douche?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mayor Anne Marie now planning to go to Ottawa to represent the PC Party? It was on the radio.

Doesn't this mean she must give up her Mayoral race?

MapMaster said...

No, that is her predecessor and mentor, Dianne Haskett. Anne Marie is a member of the Liberal establishment in London, much as is her main contender in the mayoral race. Having put London on the path of out-of-control spending growth, however, Haskett's claim to be a Conservative is founded on social rather than fiscal conservatism.

asd said...