Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dalton McGuinty's smoke-screen

Dalton McGuinty has identified the real trouble in insurgent occupied Caledonia. It's the billboards brainwashing the people to purchase cigarettes against their will. Joe Camel declined to comment, citing the current fatwa issued against him:
Ontario is asking for Ottawa's help to look into billboards advertising cigarettes posted on a highway leading to the Six Nations' reserve near Caledonia.

There are large signs on and off the Six Nations reserve advertising cigarettes, including one portraying a smiling bull with a feather between his horns, having a smoke.

Premier Dalton McGuinty says Ontario's Ministry of Transportation is taking a look to see if the signs violate a provincial ban on tobacco advertising.

And he says if the billboards break the law, then the ministry "will be taking action."
Another selective application of the law, funded by you, and delivered by The Gimp and his gang.

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Neo Conservative said...

The native contingent squatting on the former Douglas Creek subdivision near Caledonia have been calling for the Federal Government to get involved in negotiating the dispute.

It's very possible they will end up regretting that request. Unlike the pusillanimous McGuinty moonbats, the Conservatives apparently aren't planning to roll over and play dead.

Lisa Turner said...

Yes, I saw that article today. Let us hope these insurgents are kicked off of the land before further taxpayer dollars are spent.

Anonymous said...

McSquinty is showing genetic Liberal cowerdice and blame shifting. He is like a little boy who had a couple of the school bullies throw a hornet's nest at him and he is running to the teacher rather than take the trouble to pull the nest out of his pants and go beat on the bullies who assaulted him.

The renegade element driving the illegal occupation of Caledonia land have already been told by a federal treaty/constitutional lawyer that they have NO claim...this was in Febuary and it was reiterated many times in the "negotiations" by the federal lawyers present at the side tables...."show us your paperwork which disproves the deeded private lands in question is not legally filed"....sorry fairy tails about turtles and women landlords and revisionist history lessons about wampum belts do not support an documented empirical argument in a claims court.

Obviously the renegade strategy was to FORCE an out of court settlement because they knew the courts would reject their frivolous claims and fantasy historic record....so they staged an insurrection and illegal occupation...It is a good thing the feds haven't gotten involved because the feds will deal decisively with insurrections and the criminals that run them. IMHO they should all be in a federal prison for a very long time.

All this Caledonia and Ipperwash mess has brought to the attention of the Government and the people that Reserves serve no social purpose except to become crucables for radical fanaticism and mercenary isurrectionists...much like the bastions of radicalizied teaching in Islam which created a generation of suiciders.

The reserve system is a dead end culturally for natives attempting to rationalize their traditions while living off the avails of modern western technology/culture and government subsidy...Reserve system political fanatics have substituted race hatred and anti-government radicalism for traditional native sprituality...time to seriously look a defunding the reserve system and limiting migration in or out of these war zones.