Thursday, October 5, 2006

Crying victim one more time

Women's groups that do not represent my individual interests are crying over recent funding cuts to Status of Women Canada.

The federal Conservative government says it will no longer fund women's groups that do advocacy, lobbying or general research, leaving some to wonder what's left.

The change to the mandate and operation of Status of Women Canada also drops the word "equality" when listing the agency's goals.

Previous objectives such as helping women's organizations participate in the public policy process and increasing the public's understanding of women's equality issues have been eliminated from government literature.

Organizations that receive funding from the Trudeau-era agency were stunned.

"When you look at this Conservative government's policy it's like, 'Be good girls, be quiet.' It's shocking really," said Monica Lysack of the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada.
Actually, no. The agency should receive no federal funding or recognition at all. Nor should any other group looking to "achieve equality" through theft, coercion and mob rule. Lysack and her ilk should shut up or fund their own agenda. Let the "victims" pay for their own group think sessions.

As I woman, I find Lysack's views offensive and demeaning. Apparently, us women are too weak and challenged to succeed without social assistance and special privileges. I may be a woman, but I am first and foremost a human being, and thus concerned with the basic rights and freedoms of individual people.

The absurdity continues as London MP Irene Mathyssen demands the resignation of Bev Oda, the minister in charge of the Status of Women:
“The Minister refuses to face the fact that women have not yet achieved equality in Canada,” said Mathyssen. “Study after study and report after report have all come to this conclusion, but the Minister refuses to acknowledge the importance of the work that women’s advocacy groups do.

“Instead, she shuts down organizations or cripples them by cutting their funding. She does not represent women in this country. She must step down,” insisted Mathyssen.

[..]“This is an outrage!” said Mathyssen. “These absurdly restrictive guidelines will mean the end of essential research relating to women in Canada. Long-term and national initiatives will no longer be eligible for the crucial funding they rely on.”

[..] “This is a clear attack on women’s rights in this country. The conservatives are trying to silence Canadian women.” said Mathyssen. “We are moving backwards. Instead of promoting women’s equality in Canada, the Conservative government is abandoning its obligation to 52% of the population.”
I am employed, I have no children because I don't want any, and if I did want children, I wouldn't be able to afford to raise them and keep them away from the public indoctrination system because scumbags like Irene Mathyssen keep advocating the theft of my money to fund yet another goddamn study to reinforce our "victim" status. Piss off Irene. Go get a real job. Your insane call for special rights for women but reinforces the idea that women are not fit to look after themselves and their own interests.
The individualist holds that only individuals exist, think, feel, choose, and act; and that "society" is not a living entity but simply a label for a set of interacting individuals. Treating society as a thing that chooses and acts, then, serves to obscure the real forces at work. If, in a small community, ten people band together to rob and expropriate three others then this is clearly and evidently a case of a group of individuals acting in concert against another group. In this situation, if the ten people presumed to refer to themselves as "society" acting in "its" interest, the rationale would be laughed out of court; even the ten robbers would probably be too shamefaced to use this sort of argument. But let their size increase, and this kind of obfuscation becomes rife and succeeds in duping the public.

Murray Rothbard - "For a New Liberty"
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