Friday, October 20, 2006

Bono: Making Poverty History with Other People's Money

Currently in Ireland, "recognized artists" are exempt from paying income tax. Bono is an Irish "artist." In January of next year, changes to the taxation act will include the provision that only 50% of an artist's income will be tax exempt if that income exceeds half a million dollars. So how does the man who demands wealthier nations redistribute even more of the stolen loot from the vassals to "those in need" react to the changes? He pulls his bank account from Ireland and relocates it to a country where he can keep more of his own money.

. . . U2, the famous Irish band, has moved some of its assets from Ireland to the Netherlands. The Netherlands has a very favourable tax rate, even better than Ireland, which for artists is already a tax haven of unimaginable indulgence. U2 is of course Bono's band, Bono, the Stephen Forbes business partner and the greatest scold of "rich" governments on the face of the earth. Bono was the man who nagged Paul Martin in public for Canada's not giving enough for African debt relief, but then Bono, friend of Bill Clinton, consort of the princes of the world, World Economic Forum attendee, gazillionaire, nags everyone about Africa.

He even read the riot act of Liberal outrage to his own government because the Irish government, like Canada, was slack on debt relief for Africa. Uriah Heap with groupies. Bono and his multimillionaire band-mates have hauled their songwriting business out of Ireland because Ireland has modestly upped the tax levy on artists making over half a million a year. So he wants Ireland to give more of its taxes to help poor Africa, but he, Bono, wants to pay less taxes to Ireland.

I'd call him a "whited sepulchre" except that's a biblical reference, and Madonna would probably claim copyright.
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With the usual hypocrisy we have come to expect from Bono, he practices heteronormative, capitalistic behaviour while preaching from the pages of The Communist Manifesto. Two tiers. There's Bono and his rich, enlightened, entitled and discriminatory pals, and then there is the rest of us taxpaying proletariats to pay the bill for the approved agenda.

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Mitch said...

It seems that we should not be surprised by this. One of the things about Silver Spoon Socialism is that the taxes are only paid by those who are not priviledged enough to have the money and economies of scale to game the system.

How else can you explain why billionaires like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, George Soros, John Kerry, Bono, etc are all for super punitive taxation - because they have the wherewithal to shelter it.

The Rolling stones were the ones who hooked up U2 with these Dutch trust bankers. At least Kieth Richards was honest enough about doing it and doesn't go around demand that we should be taxed more for his pet projects.