Thursday, October 5, 2006

"Board of control issue a waste of time…"
and a stupid idea

Jim Chapman steamrolls over resuscitant efforts to abolish London's board of control, the last remaining remnant of Imagine London's agenda for eliminating at-large constraints to the political competition for self-serving policies among unaggregated parochial interests.

The fact that we still sometimes choose candidates who might better serve elsewhere (or nowhere) is not a reflection of the shortcomings of the present system so much as a revelation of the lack of care too many voters bring to making their selections…

[A]nyone who thinks abolishing it will change the intermittently sorry record of the last few councils simply doesn't grasp how the system works.
Read the rest here. (See also his predictions for the future of London politics.)

On the other side are a few candidates in the upcoming election who are campaigning for democracy as a platitude, after 18 per cent of eligible residents voted in favour of abolishing board of control in the last election:
  • Cynthia Etheridge, mayoral candidate: "save tax dollars by down-sizing council … and abolish [sic] the Board of Control"
  • Gina Barber, board of control candidate: "support the abolition of the Board of Control in time for the next election"
  • John Walsh, board of control candidate: "Work towards ending the Board of Control before the next election"
  • Walt Lonc, ward 7 candidate: "I will work to dismantle Board of Control. Those who voted in 2003 voted to remove Board of Control by a strong 76% [sic]."