Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Zarathustras herding and directing the lesser beings into order…"

Publius, of the Gods of the Copybook Headings, is never one to let a specimen of parasite go by without producing a masterful essay on the species' inception and the culture of its propagation. Starting with the example of the new Stephen Lewis Secondary School in Mississauga, he strikes hard at the roots of public education in The Good Canadian:

In no other part of Western society, with the exception, perhaps, of Canadian health care, do we tolerate anything like public education. A near monopoly whose political allies have sweeping power to throttle its competition, through the tax code and what can only be termed the school "inspection" racket. This monopoly has existed for so long and been so pervasive that few can imagine an alternative. In fact its opponents are decried as fanatics, heartless or elitist, if they're lucky. A halo hangs over the unionized, bureaucratized nightmare of public education. The willing and able are trapped with the criminal and incompetent until the age of 16. Graduation is guaranteed, the certificate of completion in all honesty nothing more than a certificate of attendance, and for that only a very minimal record is required. It is a travesty of the very idea of education. All in the name of creating good citizens of a great democracy. Yet even the very concept, the ideal itself, is an inversion. It is the people in a free society who dictate to the government how it should act. Just as the idea of a Ministry of Culture, or Heritage, is an abomination, because it is not the duty or prerogative of government to tell its masters what their culture should be, so the same applies to ideals of good citizenship. It is for We the People to tell our servants in government what it means to be Canadian, not the other way around. The people can err and often do. Our governments, being drawn from us, can in the end do no better.
Highly recommended… read the rest here.

Update: Be sure to check out the comment from a public school teacher on the same post.