Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Unproductive politicians vs. unproductive vandals: Who will win?

According to the London Free Press, the downtown business association Mainstreet London has noticed "no noticeable reduction in graffiti" since the city enacted this spring's graffiti bylaw introduced by Ward 3 coun. Bernie MacDonald banning the sale of spray paint, some markers, paint pens and glass-cutting or etching tools to minors unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

"I don't think the bylaw's done much for us."
This suits Bernie MacDonald just fine since only merchants are bearing the punitive cost of the bylaw to the tune of a $125 fine and taxpayers will be bearing the enforcement cost of hiring otherwise unmotivated student shoppers to trick retailers into coughing up.
"That's what you want," said Coun. Bernie MacDonald, who led the push for a bylaw based on similar laws in some American cities. "The bylaw's there, so now you know who's buying the products and that they're being used legitimately and responsibly."
Yes, council now knows that it's the 20 and 30 year olds who are buying the products and using them to vandalize other people's property with graffiti… although, strangely enough, the rest of us knew that already. Unproductive politicians scoring points by appearing to do something vs. unproductive and underemployed adults scoring walls — looks like a tax-funded stalemate to me.


Novlangue said...

Sorry to hear London ON is mismanaged.

London UK is even worse.

Bonne chance

Anonymous said...

London Ontario has been a single daily paper city since 1937 when The London Advertiser was absorbed by the Blackburn family.
During that time the London Free press has evolved into a Liberal / feminist / mush oriented rag.
Consequently if you have at least three decades of mush in the last seventy years of one daily paper in such a community, Liberal / socialist political mush will naturally thrive in municipal, provincial and federal politics.
Which is exactly what has taken place in London the region.
It would be interesting to know how the Quebecor owned FP would function if Quebec separated in fractious and bitter separation from the ROC.
Pity there is no Conrad Black to bring some conservative competition to London and area.

Anonymous said...

I had the chance to talk to some graffiti artists about this by-law only to find out that most supplies used by graffiti artists are ordered from the internet.
Apparently there are special nozzles, flow restricters and colours available that can't be purchased at the local hardware store. This by-law is just another way for City Council to say to people "see we're doing something about vandalism" without actually doing anything at all. Pretty typical of City Hall if you ask me.