Monday, September 25, 2006

That is their appeal. They pretend to be harmless

It's election time, and as also tends to happen prior to the annual portion redistribution, everyone is lining up and demanding their more than equal share. So they chant:

Unless you are willing to offer MY oppressed group more assistance and lobby for our needs, we'll cast our lot with the other oppressor. All communities need more community centres and parks, yes that is true, but the money does not flow fast enough from the pockets of the greedy capitalists. We recognize that total collectivization has not yet been achieved, and as resources are still limited, some oppressed groups will profit at the expense of the others. We'll blame the capitalists and the unjustifiable greed of other oppressed groups.

Susan Eagle responds. In just one day, she has pledged to commit $1.7 million of other people's money towards the health of the nation state we call London Ontario. Specifically, she is currently campaigning for the Middlesex-Health Unit and a "special innovation fund" that provides free drugs and counselling for addicts to help them get back on their feet.

Exhibit #1:

Taxpayers in Middlesex County and London may be on the hook after the Middlesex-London Health Unit learned it won't be getting as much cash from the province as officials had hoped.

The health unit can add four new positions with the provincial funding it's receiving, but that's not enough to do everything the health unit wants to, its directors were told at a meeting last week.
Yes, the public must be aware of the dangers of Alcopops!
Alcopops are tasty, popular and potentially dangerous, particularly for young people, the Middlesex-London Health Unit warns.

[..] Alcopops include dairy coolers, wine coolers, fruity mixes, alcoholic milkshakes -- even alcoholic drinks in the guise of frozen treats.

The problem, according to the health unit, is alcopops appeal to entry-level drinkers, including under-age high school students.

[..] The health unit plans to include its message about the risk of alcopops in its alcohol education and awareness activities.

"Multiple strategies are required to change knowledge, attitudes, motivation and skills so youth are better able to resist the pro-drinking influences and opportunities that surround them," the health unit report said.
And continuing with Exhibit #1, which will cost the city an additional $700,000 if it approves the health unit's budget request:
Coun. Susan Eagle suggested the health unit should fill the city council gallery when the issue comes to a vote to show councillors how much the money is needed.
Let's move along to Exhibit #2:
London city council is being asked to set up a $ 1-million fund to tackle a growing substance abuse problem.

Recommended by the city 's general manager of community services Ross Fair, the "special innovation fund" would pay for projects aimed at reducing substance abuse problems in London's core areas.

[..] Committee chairperson Susan Eagle said it could be suggested substance abuse isn't a municipal concern, but council has to deal with the fallout.

"A lot of things we could technically say are not our jurisdiction, but we are the local folks. We deal with whatever ends up in front of us in our local community that is not being addressed by the other levels of government," she said.

Last month, it was reported the methadone clinic in downtown London has been overrun with more than 400 visits daily, four and a half times more than expected.

The volume was causing concerns in the neighbourhood of the clinic, Fair wrote in a report to council.

To decide what projects are approved, Fair is recommending London police services and the medical officer of health for the Middlesex-London Health Unit be invited to review proposals with him.

Eagle said she would like to see other community agencies involved as well if the fund is approved.
Line up or storm city hall. Your choice in a statist climate.