Thursday, September 7, 2006

Thanks for the taxes all those years, now get on the ice floe

Ian Gillespie of the Free Press points out that there are only about 200 gerontologists remaining in Canada as the inter-generational pyramid scam of government monopoly medicine crumbles. Those of us planning to become old one day, after a lifetime of paying for other people's health care, might, in their selfishness, think of this as a regrettable (if entirely predictable) development.

However, in the same issue, Freeps letter writer Gerry Hewitt recommends that we cast off our sentimental attachment to the lives of the elderly. It is time to learn from the traditions of the indigenous peoples who respected the avenging spirits of Gaia enough to recognize when a human resource had outlived its usefulness to the tribe. As we often mention on this blog, compassion forces us to make hard choices; progress means occasionally making the hard choice to trade off the lives of non-viable community members.

The slack left by our vanishing gerontologists will be taken up by increasing employment opportunities in Euthanasia Science. We must fully fund research into the relative contributory value of different communities, so as to be able to move forward, allocating our scarce health care resources only to those communities that can demonstrate added value on an ongoing basis. A commitment to the values of life and health for all Canadians requires that we share the means for their preservation only with the robust and strong, those who are still able to demonstrate their ability to simultaneously pull their own weight, hold up the social safety net, and properly sort garbage and recyclables under their own power. As a society we must demand no less of each and every human resource.

(From London Free Press letters)

The population of the planet Earth is increasing exponentially and cannot be supported adequately.

Every day we see newscasts of people living in abject poverty. We appear to have a huge, largely unacknowledged, problem with pollution and global warming; catastrophes perpetuated by too many people demanding too much. Oil and water reserves are becoming inadequate for the same reason. In fact, it is possible to point at population growth as the source of most of our ills.

Then we have medical services. It appears Canada's is stretched to the limit, at least to some extent by attempting to prolong the lives of old, hopeless, non-productive cases. Why bother? The majority are a drain on pensions, medicare and pretty much everything else -- and I am one of them.

So, let's choose an arbitrary age of maybe 70 (debatable). If anybody runs into serious health problems after that age, then let's keep them as comfortable as possible and allow them to die. The available medical resources should, surely, go to the younger people. I am not suggesting euthanasia but, if pushed, I might.

It is crazy for the medical profession to keep on doing research, and prescribing enormously expensive drugs, to prolong life when the source of most of our ills is over-population. What will the world look like when the average lifespan is 150?

The human race is very short-sighted. Please, let us die for the sake of a healthy population and a surviving planet for our kids. If we believe in heaven, why is everybody (at least in the West) so reluctant to go there?

Gerry Hewitt

Grand Bend


Honey Pot said...

I think everyone has a right to check out when they want to check out, but fuck I don't want a mandatory date put in place. We all have had a bad bout of the flu, and wished someone would just blow our brains out to ease the misery.... but I am thinking, when it comes to the finish line, I want to go across it kicking and screaming.

Mack the Plain Little Turtle said...

Mike: I had to read your post twice to catch the sarcasm and replace my worry with laughter!

Now, as for age 70: why not younger? It "worked" in Logan's Run:

And why just euthanize. Why not EAT, like in Soylent Green:

Fucking tribalism. Fucking tribalists. Fucking nazis.

Love and Kisses,


Sky Captain said...

250 years later and we are back to Malthus.
Malthusian starvation nightmares were utterly destroyed by the inescapable truth of industrialisation, but now, as we are increasingly prey to purveyors of vicious illusions, their impertinence leads them to give Malthus another try.

No doubt if you put a gun to their heads they would snigger "Only joking!"

Anonymous said...

I assumed the letter was one of your japes until I followed the link.

That Gerry Hewitt is one crazy guy!
1. Poverty is decreasing, not increasing. I just read a report that stated there are more overweight people on earth than undernourished.

2. 'Oil and water reserves are becoming inadequate'. A huge oil reserve was just discovered in the Gulf of Mexico, and as far as water goes, go stand next to the ocean and tell me we don't have enough water.

3. Medical Services... ah yes, the gov't runs our medical services and there just doesn't seem to be enough of it to go around. Who'd of thunk it?

Mack the Plain Little Turtle said...

A little googling and everything makes sense: this Gerry Hewitt asshole is a former Ontario school teacher. Check out the link:

Anonymous said...

Former school teacher? That can definitely explain a lot. Have fun in heaven, Gerry! I'll stay here as long as I can...or as long as my taxmoney allows me too.

Al said...

Sure made me laugh----out of insecurity. Euthanasia is very cost effective and the epidemiologists make no bones about putting our money into prenatal, natal, and post-natal care (gives a longer bang for your buck).Transplant organs in short supply, transplant program budgets, and life expectancy of the organ recipient determine who and how many, get the next heart, lung, kidney, etc. Welcome to my world!

Mitch said...

I can hear the announcements now:

"Capricorn 13 to the carousel." Who ever thought that Logan's run would be an eerie look into our near future.

Sky Captain said...

Yeah.It was set in the future,too.
How ironic.