Friday, September 15, 2006

Tears for cash

In the wake of the lone gunman's rampage in Montreal yesterday, Ontario minister of colleges and universities Chris Bentley quickly seized the occasion of a common sentiment of dismay to reflect it onto the tinfoil political opportunity to ask Ontario campuses to see what they can do about security… as if any security short of armed guards in every room could prevent a lunatic bent on taking a few innocent people down with him.

Rising to an occasion for which his political instincts have been honed, the University of Western Ontario's president Paul Davenport acknowledged the logistical impossibility of implementing security measures to prevent such anomalous occurrences, but could not resist adding the bromides of canonical academics for which he is famous:

The problem is a societal one, he said.

“We need to work on the problems that contribute to the creation of violent criminals,” he said.

That includes improvements to the health-care and social-service systems, he said.
You get right on that, Dr. Davenport! That's what universities are for these days, after all, to tell the rest of us we had it coming for our guilty neglect of tax-funded monopolies, of which universities happen coincidentally to be among. Overarching and self-serving platitudes come so easily to the lips of these masters of bureaucracy that it would not have mattered to Dr. Davenport to find out whether Kimveer Gill had been deprived of health care or had sought out and been turned away from social services before uttering them. Just keep that gravy train rolling!


Mack the Plain Little Turtle said...

Clearly, communism is the only way to stop people from being murdered. History shows, um...where's the edit button?

Anonymous said...

Gill went ballistic because he had to wait too long for a colonoscopy?? Who'dve thunk it?

Anonymous said...

Enraged lunatic attacks the offices of a government monopoly and tries to kill everyone in it. The solution? More and stronger government monopolies of course!