Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Sorry Jack, Olivia must wait outside for left overs if you wish to bring her to this dinner

Recognizing the political genius of Jack Layton has been a long time coming. But now Rick Mercer eagarly awaits Layton's 'peace talks' with the Taliban:

I would suggest holding the talks in one of the ball rooms at the casino in Hull.

I think you might be able to smoke there and I'm guessing the Taliban would appreciate that. All the Taliban really require to have a good time is an ashtray and a few de-peopled women making sure there's a steady supply of unsafe drinking water.

Agenda for Historic Peace talks between Jack Layton and Taliban leader - room 202 Casino Du Lac Leamy, Quebec

8:00 am – Jack Layton opening comments and welcome to assembled media and Taliban representative.

8:05 am – Taliban representative walks to podium, poses for photographs with Mr. Layton.

8:06 am – Taliban representative cleaves Mr. Layton in the forehead with giant axe.

8:08 am – Peace talks end.

8:10 am – Olivia Chow says she is "encouraged by talks” – announces plan to run for leadership of NDP.

1 Comment:

Honey Pot said...

hahahahahahahahahaha, well done!

I do think that is a good idea though, for Jack and Oliva to take a vacation with the Taliban. It is so easy for the terrorist sympathizers to condemn our Canadian soldiers from here. They should get right over there in the theatre of war, get a feel for what is really going on. That would require courage though, something that you are never going to find in the ndp party.