Sunday, September 10, 2006

Reflections on Warrior's Day

Opening day of the Western Fair is also the occasion for the annual Warrior’s Day parade. Veteran’s, service members of the Canadian Forces, Cadets and representatives from Allied nations march in commemoration of all the men and women, past and present, who willingly put themselves into danger to preserve our collective peace and security.

Then and now, these Canadians exhibited extraordinary courage and perseverance even in the face of great hardship and personal danger, and carried out their tasks to the benefit of us all. Yet these Canadians were not much different from you or I; and we use occasions like Warrior’s Day, the rededication of Airport Road and Remembrance Day not only to remember what was done for us, but also as an inspiration for what is possible for us as well.

How does this reflection fit into the upcoming civic election? As citizens, taxpayers and voters we are being asked to make choices about how we will live and work for the next four years. How much control of our lives, our work and our property do we want to turn over to representatives of our civic government? Thinking of our veterans and the things they did, I believe we are no less of a people than our veterans and service members, and we too can aspire to accomplish extraordinary things.

Look around the city and you will see many examples of what dedicated individuals and groups of like-minded people can accomplish, given control of their own resources and the ability to connect with a community. Why should we as taxpayers, citizens and voters wait for a disconnected bureaucrat in City Hall, Queens Park or Ottawa to decide what personal, social, artistic or economic activities we should pursue? Like the veterans before us, we can see what needs to be done in our communities and take personal action to do it.

So let us pause and reflect for a moment, when Airport Road becomes the Veteran’s Highway, on the peace and security that we enjoy today. And after reflecting on our good fortune, let us think about what we as a people can to build on what our veterans have given us.
Arthur Majoor, Candidate for Mayor (email here)