Friday, September 1, 2006

Radio Free Qa'aledonia

Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever appeared on this morning's John Oakley show, on 640 AM, Toronto, to discuss his piece on the Qa'aledonia insurgency from yesterday's Red Star. The audio is hosted here

(Progressive Conservative Party leader John Tory) agrees with the premier on this absurdity, that the Premier's office has no power to direct the police. I say, Get them in there, get them in there now, and don't negotiate at all until people have left that land.

...[I]t's the responsibility of the government to go out there and make sure that everybody plays by the same rules. And if somebody fires on you, well goldarnit, you have the right and a duty to fire back and maintain the law. It's not the case that police are mere peacekeepers. They are law enforcers, and that includes enforcing the law of property in this province.
McKeever is entirely correct. If the government is no longer going to bother protecting property and in so doing keeping the peace, then they're perpetrating fraud on the rest of us by drawing a paycheque.

Interview audio here in WMA format.

It's followed by an interview with Hamilton Spectator investigative reporter Marissa Nelson, who reveals the results of a Freedom of Information request into the size of the trough that's being built instead of enforcing the law, that thing that they're supposedly taxing Qa'aledonian civilians for in the first place.

The reporter reveals that the province's negotiator Jane "HRDC Boondoggle" Stewart is receiving $1300 a day for her work, up to a maximum of $300,000 plus $30,000 in expenses, over eleven months. Progressive economics teaches us that there is no danger of this being an incentive for Jane "I'm Actually Used To There Being Nine Zeros" Stewart to ensure that the insurgents keep talking for about eleven months.