Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The prosecutors of public opinion

Public Opinion® polls, recusing the sum of their parts.

From the comments:

And yes, there are quite a few tricks to skewing statistics. As long as they obey the 'rules', many contrary opinions can be removed due to technical reasons (i.e. did not complete the survey). It has been reported in some cases that the company can remove the results of persons surveyed who have a clear bias, with the first few questions acting as bias indicators.

The same techniques are used in jury selection.

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Sky Captain said...

Dawson College, Montreal.
We have BBC news and Sky News.
BBC is hooked up to CBC.
BBC is speculating lasciviously in scarlet language about the state of the victims.
SKY is reporting from CTV and everybody else, in sober terms.

Which do you think is giving succour to the terrorists?