Wednesday, September 27, 2006

No garbage fatwa forthcoming

According to the London Free Press, London Fanshawe Liberal MPP Khalil Ramal is "determined" to do everything he can to prevent Toronto's garbage from being dumped in the Green Lane landfill in Elgin County.

"I am willing to choose any path, legal path, whatever possible path to block it," Ramal said.
… before continuing,
"As you know it is a private landfill," Ramal said. "I don't know what MPPs from London can do to block it."
Ummm… which means that, at no cost to yourself, you'll do nothing except grandstand for the media… like every other politician in this over-wrought and pointless story. (Hat tip to Lisa for pointing out Ramal's about-turn disclaimer.)

On the subject, mayoral candidate Arthur Majoor notes:
A casual visitor might wonder what on earth this election is about. The media trumpets the Greenway landfill as “The” issue of the election, but the election is not being held in Elgin County, but in the City of London. No member of Council, the Board of Control or even the Mayor has any standing in the issue, and indeed never had throughout the twenty or so years the Toronto garbage issue has been brewing.
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