Saturday, September 9, 2006

"New ways of doing business" vs. the old way

Joe Fontana's vision for London:

Saying he wanted to "restore London's greatness," Fontana spoke of his time on city council in the 1980s.

"I can remember when I was in city council in the '80s, that we were known as the best-run city, the lowest taxes, thriving in terms of head offices and incredible opportunities."
Thanks for the Galleria and all the paving stone Joe. We didn't really need a downtown anyway. But living in Arva, you understand that a downtown is unnecessary to a community.

Her Worship's response to Joe's nostalgia tinted glasses:
"This isn't the '80s anymore. We're in the 21st-century . . . There are new ways of doing business, there is no business that you do behind the scenes anymore, under the table, around the bend. Everything that's done now, decisions that are made, are all done in a very accountable, up-front way," she said.
Really? No closed doors at city hall these days? Hmmm, but just what are you implying about how Smokin' Joe does business?

. . . apparently little more than he readily admits:
City politicians would get more support from Queen's Park and Ottawa if they set their own course and sought assistance behind doors rather than chastise upper levels of government in public, he said.
Translation: "Fuck off and let us deal with how to run the city. We know what we're doing while the rest of you have no conception of the real politic. And shut the Goddamn door on your way out."

Joe's opinion of the incumbent:
Asked if DeCicco-Best has been ineffective, Fontana said, "(A) mayor is more than one vote out of 19. The mayor needs to be a catalyst, needs to be a consensus builder, needs to be the captain of the ship. I believe you run a train from the locomotive, not the caboose."
In other words, "Are you fucking stupid!?! Where have you been the last six years?"
We need an "old style" politician to build consensus/eliminate dissent.

Some equally vacuous words from both:

Smokin' Joe:
"(Londoners) want a choice. They want to be able to aspire to something more,.(sic) They want more from their leaders and I want to unleash the incredible capacity that this city has."

"London can and must be more than what it is," he said.

Anne Marie Toinette:
"This city has changed and been transformed over the past six years under my leadership . . . We have had so many successes that the momentum in our community -- we are better positioned today then we have ever been to reach the full potential of what we can be as a city," she said.

. . . and some more complete bullshit from Anne Marie:
"We, obviously, have also had to reform and change around many of the economic things we've done on the tax side of London and insuring that we're getting the best bang for the buck, so there's lots of evidence . . . on how we've had competitive and affordable taxes, but at the same time, not cutting some of the vital services that people expect and deserve."

". . . We got all the amenities and no way to get to them." - Pothole City


Al said...

Sounds like London is becoming "Canadianized": Well positioned to be the world's mediator, well positioned in health care as to the managment of health care needs with "risk lists", well positioned to "cut and run" as to our international obligations, well positioned to alienate our major trading partner, well positioned to carp at those who actually take responsibility locally, nationally and internationally and DO something, and well positioned to be freeloaders. Did I leave something out?

Anonymous said...

Neither one of these fuckers would "unleash" potential. Their entire lives in politics have been spent CONSTRUCTING leashes: on people in their private lives, on businesses, on our wallets, on our sexuality, on our...oh, it's not worth the effort.

I say, maximize the "potential" of both of them: light them both on fire the next time the lights go out in London. They're both full of enough gas that the light should shine for hours.

Honey Pot said...

Jesus Christ, a choice between tinkerbell, and a Saddam Husian look alike. Oh fuck this city is doomed. I am going to have to go with tinkerbell. Everytime I look at Joe, I want to bitch slap him upside the head, he is such an arrogant shad mouthed liar.