Sunday, September 24, 2006

Joe Volpe expected to promise to extend the Charter of Rights to the undead

Having already broken new ground in the Liberal leadership campaign by fighting for the right of those under the age 18 to make political contributions, Joe Volpe appears ready to extend the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to that marginallized segment of society otherwise known as the undead.

"Let's face it, here in Canada we have no idea how many undead are currently being denied the right to vote in addition to other fundamental rights and privileges enjoyed by most Canadians" said a source close to the Volpe campaign.

Support seems to be gathering from this marginallized group:

The Toronto Star reported yesterday dozens of people in Montreal-area ridings — including at least two dead people — had been . . . signed up as federal Liberal party members.


Neo Conservative said...

Liberal leadership candidates are starting to panic. Volpe juggernaut "just can't be stopped", says one Lib insider.

Volpe initiative gathering momentum

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