Wednesday, September 20, 2006

An important public service announcement

What's Wrong with Healthcare on the perils of collective opinion:

I truly believe the biggest threat to law and order and good government is PUBLIC OPINION.

Just think about it. In democratic countries all levels of government get voted “in” through some type of majority and get voted “out” by the same process. The driver behind this process obviously is “public opinion”. This is our Democratic Achilles heel. The only thing that democratically elected officials and governments have to fear is public opinion.
Which might explain the $9.5 million that Health Canada recently spent to increase public awareness of the term "primary health care". The citizens must be sure to understand what tier they are entitled to. See Fighting for Taxpayers for the sordid details.

Back to Al of What's Wrong with Healthcare:
On a global scale, the various terrorist groups of the Middle East learned a long time ago there was only one thing that democratically elected leaders feared, and that was public opinion. And they quickly learned how to use it. Unencumbered by the usual games and frailties of political correctness, truth, negotiating in good faith, fairness, peace on earth, etc. they simply played to our sympathies and portrayed themselves as the victims, continually using our media and freedom of speech, to sway public opinion in their favor. In their country, the media has been strictly controlled, and only the messages they wished the public to hear were ever heard. They have used public opinion throughout their nations and, indeed the world as a whole, for recruitment of suicide bombers, raising money, preventing aggression from other nations, and even managed to paralyze the United Nations and the European Union (and the Canadian NDP party).
So it would seem the MSNM has it right, those who control public opinion control the most powerful weapon in a free society.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, not on-topic but I suspect you folks will be getting around to the Greenlane issue:

Together we can beat this sucker!

Sky Captain said...

Public Service?
Privatised years ago.
They call them 'Pubs'.
You can go in and for a small fee(smaller without licensing)you can obtain good company, good beer, good smoke(here)and wastem time in a way so abstractly constructive that you wake up the following day feeling actually good!

As for the other kind of 'Public Service', well, my Pubes are as good as anybody elses, so I don't intend to devote any time to serving anybody elses pubes.
Unless I really respect the owner.