Friday, September 1, 2006

I'm enjoying my arsenic while I wait in line

The other day, I received a pack of smokes purchased in Brazil. They are a bit light for my taste, but I'm smoking them anyway, despite the warning that takes up the entire back of the package.

Which reminds me of an article the Mayor of Mitchieville linked to back in May:

Tobacco warnings may get scarier
Canadians should expect a new round of shocking images on packs of cigarettes, a recent government report suggests.

Health Canada is in the process of reviewing the graphic colour warnings it requires tobacco companies to print on cigarette packs in its continuing efforts to make smokers think twice before they light up.

[..] The new images shown to focus groups suggest the department wants new pictures to be memorable for their medical shock value and ability to impose feelings of guilt among smokers, particularly parents and pregnant women who endanger their children with second-hand smoke.

[..] The department tested 17 new images with four focus groups held in Halifax and Montreal with youth and adult smokers. Health Canada spokeswoman Renee Bergeron said the report, conducted by Corporate Research Associates Inc., cost taxpayers $186,885.

[..] Two of the proposed new images revolve around an ashtray. One shows a dead rat lying next to one with the tagline: "Cigarettes contain arsenic. A rat poison." A second image shows a smiling mother, with her husband and sleeping daughter, all lying in the ashes at the bottom of an ashtray, next to the headline: "When you smoke, they smoke."
I'm a personal fan of The Mayor's recommendations for Health Canada:
"It's nearly time for the revolution, where non-smokers are going to find you disgusting smokers and slit your throats"

Another one revolves around a picture of the Grim Reaper saying, "You didn't think I'd find you yet, did you, fucker? It's time to die"

"You are 70x worse than Hitler"

"Thanks for your tax money, but when you're sick from lung cancer, you're going to die a slow and painful death with no hospitalization care. Just you watch"
Perhaps he was inspired by current European warning labels, examples of which can be seen here and here. Warning: Light a cigarette before viewing these gruesome images that have been responsible for turning many children into social activists.

Next priority on the public health agenda - fatties and drinkers.

In the meantime, enjoy some beers and blues with Darcey.


Anonymous said...

The problem with the rodent and the insects on the back of the cigarette package is that they didn't get enough tar and nictoine.

So did the free promotion of the lighter cigs sway you to be a future customer of their product?

Lisa Turner said...

I surely did not get my expected quota of tar and nictoine, so I smoked more. And the pack is empty now and I couldn't purchase more, even if I wanted to, as I don't live in Brazil.

Thanks to addictive Brazillian bargains, I am now forced to pay exorbitant fees each time I feed my habit.

I am an addict and the government should help me to help myself to someone else's shit.