Thursday, September 21, 2006

I wormed my way into the heart of the crowd

Found at Daily Kos, HT LGF .

"We haven't really seen a transformative progressive like that in the World since the days of Franklin Roosevelt... Venezuela-China-Iran-Russia take stock of common humanity and common sense and form a counter-balance to the tyranny and destruction thrust upon the World at the hands of the arrogant and murderous Right-Wing-Orwellian-USA."

"Chavez is cool in many respect, but he puts a chill down my spine at other times."


jomama said...

Just another schmuck wanting to re-make the world in his image.

basil said... :

"When Venezuela's leader spoke at the UN this week and described George Bush as the devil, he also gave a resounding boost to a book by another outspoken critic of the US president, Noam Chomsky."

Anonymous said...

The masses are quite eager to get to the arrogant and murderous Right-Wing-Orwellian-USA, rather than fleeig from Mexico to (say) Venezuela.

Hey Kos, why is that anyway?