Monday, September 25, 2006

I dare you to leave an envelope in a room with these two in it

Just the man you need in your corner when accused of shady politics:

Embattled Liberal leadership candidate Joe Volpe is the victim of anti-Italian sentiment, says former public works minister Alfonso Gagliano, who blames the same ethnic prejudice for his own fall from grace.
. . .

"History repeats itself. Whenever an Italian-Canadian tries to go up and succeed in politics, somebody tries to do something to bring him down," said Mr. Gagliano, who is fighting his lifetime ban from the Liberal party.

"When I got to the top, that's when my troubles began."
More humble men have been able to accept Lord Acton's warning "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

But go ahead, say it Alfonso: Mafia.

People seem to think guys like you are messed up with the mafia. That's why when you pass around envelopes stuffed with loot for the Party suddenly people get these ideas. But that's just because you're Italian and they're bigots. Now poor old Joe was just trying to get everybody out to vote. I thought it was awfully nice of his campaign to pay for those memberships. I bet if he wasn't Italian no one would have bat an eye.


Gee wiz, I forgot about the Russian mafia!
The chaotic show was replete with ghostly spectres hovering in the wings.

In this September 6th photo Ignatieff addressess his undead supporters (note hand gestures), simultaneously with an ethnically diverse living crowd at the Ontario Heritage Centre, promising an all inclusive Canada where the dead may no longer feel marginalized.

Rumour has it that Hedy Fry decided to throw her support behind Bob Rae when he told her he will announce new programs to extend to, not only the undead, but imaginary friends as well.


Lisa Turner said...

Clearly you just hate Italians. I am sure you are aware that the media favorites for mayor of London are both of Italian origin. Speaking out against their utterances is tantamount to racism!

Honey Pot said...

hhahahahahahahaha, this liberal leadership fight couldn't get any more comical. Everyday one of the idiots says, or does something really fucking stupid. Bad enough that Joe Volpe is raising them from the dead to vote for him, he got that theiving fuckwit of a Alfonso Gagliano vouching for him. It can't get any funnier than that. Playing the racist card is priceless. Someone should tell them that it isn't because they are Italian, that no one trust them, it is because they belong to the liberal party. Going to take a very long time before anyone trust the liberal party again.