Friday, September 15, 2006

George Smitherman is delighted with the government's monopoly on health care

Line up and suck it up. That's the latest bile gleefully regurgitated by George Slitherman:

Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman says he is delighted that a Vancouver-based private health-care clinic has delayed setting up in London.

Smitherman said during a stop in London on Friday he hopes it never happens.

[..] Smitherman said the for-profit clinics result in more people losing their family doctors.
Are you going to wait in line too Slitherman, or will you use your stolen riches to seek care elsewhere?


Anonymous said...

If you go to:

you will see that in SW Ontario only 4.5% of family/GP doctors are accepting new patients. And there's hardly any (pure) 3rd party private healthcare in Ontario! Ontation, as a total, is only about 11.4% in 2005, probably less now, with metro Toronto bringing up the average against sad places like SW Ontario.

So for me and my wife, who retired in Aylmer from Toronto, this means we have to drive 200+ km to see a family doctor because, if you use the College of Physicians and Surgeons web site, you will find that no GP/family doctor is accepting new patients in Aylmer, St. Thomas, Tillsonburg or London!

And the Queens Par Liberal liars like McSquinty and Slitherman are proud of this?

So Slitherman (like McSquinty) is blowing it out his rear orifice again, as usual.

I'm prepping stuff for an Ontario healthcare series of posts at Right now I'm in a 3-way with a family doctor here in Aylmer, Smitherman and his ineffective department, and my MPP (Peters, our incompetent Ag Minister) about being dumped off the doctor's patient list arbitrarily. Some interesting background points, so stay tuned.

Deep Trout said...

I didn't think that hard-asses like you ever got sick, so what do you care?

You folks are all about navel-gazing and circle jerks, so why not stay away from topics that involve the public interest?

Anonymous said...

Because we don't think it's in the public's interest to be robbed by a bunch of politicians and bureaucrats and not given anything worthwhile for their money.

gm said...

Yeah you running dog anti revolutionary knee jerk krapatilsts don't care about deep thoughts from trout.

Lisa Turner said...

Deep throat:

And us "hard-asses" don't get hungry either, which is why we don't advocate public ownership of the food chain.

gm said...

Maybe central planners should plan our days and nights and food and water. What a concept, total control! Deep ideas from Plato and Hegel too Marx.The deep thikers of the left side really had grand concern for freedom and the public interest.

Maybe you can get behind North Korea and Cuba as our brothers of concern for health care and edukation.

gm said...

Sorry it s/b tinkerers or is it meddlers or busy bodies?

Sky Captain said...

Depp Trout's comment really is excellent.
It illustrates the catastrophic stupidity of our 'guardians'.
'We' are excluded from the 'public' part of 'public interest'.
Because we don't agree.
But 'public' interest is alleged to be all encompassing, so that everybody gets a say.
The fact that systemic dissent is excluded merely proves that 'Public Interest' is a synonim for 'Private Tyranny'.

Deep Trout said...

A day in the Life of a London Foghead:

1. Wake up. Complain.
2. Whine, snivel, snivel, whine, complain.
3. Repeat, ad nauseam.
4. Go to bed.

Repeat until death.

At the funeral, friends and family attempt to make touching speeches about the tender life of a London Foghead, then suddenly they all yell out, all the SOB ever did was whine, snivel, snivel and whine. What an asshole! What a wasted life! Let's plant the Little Shit while the body's still warm!

Sky Captain said...

A day in the life of Deep Trout:
hope that nobody notices.
Post a few messages about how other people complain.
Hope that nobody complains, because this disturbs Deep Trout.
Assert that the complaints will go on until death, because Deep Trout's Social Concern sees only this end for those who complain.
Try not to look in the mirror and see a psychopathic killer reflected; arrange facial expressions to deny this fact.
Blindly go on believing that the political firmament in which Deep Trout's metaphysical actuality is invested will never change, because this is as unsatisfactory to Deep Trout's sensitivities as a raw burger is to Nero Wolfe.
Eventually retire, bruised, from public life and sit around hating everybody.
Because everybody complains.

Eventually realise that Deep Trout has also been complaining all along and commit suicide.

Nobody complains about this.

Deep Trout said...

Sorehead, take the marbles out of your mouth and try it again. Keep it short and crisp, my man!

You're making your fellow neo-cons in here nervous in the service with your purple prose! Do it for the Gipper! Give it the ol' collage try even if you do have a stale-dated baloney chub for a brain.

Lisa Turner said...

Take the marbles out of your own mouth Deep Throat. If us "neo-cons" make you nervous, get lost.

Deep Trout said...

Holy mackeral, lisa, I love neo-cons. Always have, always will. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Lisa Turner said...

Deep throat;

I'm not looking to shoot the sheep, are you?

command economy said...

Deep Butch, you're hunting in the wrong place for "neo-cons", if those are your targets.

You see, to our detriment, the writers here are all gentiles. I believe that that would make us more akin to neo-liberals -- if I understand the idiom of Neospeak.