Sunday, September 17, 2006

George Smitherman fears competition because he is incompetent

As I noted a few days ago, during a recent visit to London Ontario, George Slitherman publically announced he is glad that sick and dying people will not be allowed to spend their own money on health care in the city they reside in. You see, it is a "a very bad idea" to trust people to budget their own resources. They need to look after their fellow comrades first. At least for now, the public monopoly on wait times is secure.
Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman says he is delighted that a Vancouver-based private health-care clinic has delayed setting up in London.

Smitherman said during a stop in London on Friday he hopes it never happens.

[..] Smitherman said the for-profit clinics result in more people losing their family doctors.
Be sure to stay tuned to This Canada for a series of posts on the Ontario Health Care Disgrace.
We in Ontario have come to expect no less in distortion of the truth by our lying McSquinty Liberal government because, in London, no family doctor or general practitioner is accepting new patients! So how, Oh Great Slitherer, could we “lose” more family doctors?

[..] Lest you think that this disgraceful lack of family physicians is an anomaly confined to London, you might also be interested to know that the situation is exactly the same in the surrounding communities of St. Thomas, Aylmer and Tillsonburg. No family doctors, none, nada, zip, zilch, zero, are accepting new patients.

[..] In coming posts I am going to be delving into other aspects of our health care fiasco in Ontario including Liberal sanctioning of the practice of renting out of taxpayer-funded MRI’s and other diagnostic equipment to 3rd parties for their profit, the arbitrary nature in which family physicians are allowed to drop patients from their lists, possible abuses of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by changes in our “health care” system, and how McSquinty and his crew of misfits are fiddling on their duffs while Rome (and Alymer) burns.
And let us not forget the bankrupt, queue jumping 'Adopt-a-Doc' program here in London Ontario:
You can have a doctor -- but only if you are willing to take him away from somebody else.

[..] Socialism, of which our health care system is a prime example, tries to ignore the existence of the economic problem itself. Designing a system founded on a wishing-away of the fact of scarcity is as crazy as building a space shuttle without attention to thermodynamics.

Unfortunately for humanity, the consequences take longer to shake themselves out in the former case, so the lessons are obscured. Worse, there is an endless line of hucksters interested in obscuring these lessons with promises of FREE STUFF, if you'll only give them a monopoly over this or that commodity.

But there is no escaping reality in the economic realm, any more than in the physical one.

And so -- as the scarce resources run out because the mad dream of socialism prevented the price system from encouraging prudent planning for tomorrow -- we must all resort to fucking each other over to get our slice of the ever-diminishing pie.

I must push the sick old man out of the way to get on the patient list of one of those scarce family doctors before he can. That's just the way it is. And London can bring the doctors in by enticing them away from poorer, needy areas. Too bad for the rest of you.

Compassion is red in tooth and claw.


Sky Captain said...

Your minor premise is that he is incompetent.
The corollary is that he hates life and the living and wants protection from having to deal with either.

Little Tobacco said...

compassion has a dicionary definition and and a Canadian definition.

The dictionary defines compassion as "a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering." Thus one who was compassionate would be pleased if someone could alleviate their suffering by purchasing immediate health care.

The Canadian definition of compassion is that we all suffer equally.

Lisa Turner said...

Little Tobacco;

You are back on the blogroll. Keep posting, otherwise I will kick you off :)

Little Tobacco said...

Be prepared to kick ... i am going to attempt to make a handful of posts every week, but time has been, and will continue to be, at a real premium for me. I think the group blog may be the best way but we will see.

Anonymous said...

the last time i was in the emergency room with a sick child, i waited (call me insane) 7 hours to see a doctor. if i could have jumped to the head of the line for 500 dollars, you wouldn't have seen my mastercard hit the desk for the smoke. no doctors for half the people here... 2 hours east of toronto. tell smitherman to take his pinko agenda and shove it...

Honey Pot said...

That picture of slithermen gives me the willies.