Sunday, September 10, 2006

Gambling with your money

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. is expected to spend as much as $6 million to drop the letter C from their logo. According to OLG chief executive Duncan Brown, the letter C does not properly represent the collective interests of their many diverse employees.
Brown said the logo is only part of the rebranding exercise that seeks to "harness the capabilities, the skills and the intelligence of the thousands of employees" under a common theme.

"So this is not about dropping a C," Brown said. "This is about creating a brand that will represent trust, integrity and effective gaming operations."
No, it's about government monopolies using their power to hire their advertising buddies. Changing the logo does not alter the nature and structure of the organization. Kentucky Fried Chicken is now KFC, but the chicken is still fried and bad for you. And OLGC can drop the C though they remain a gambling corporation, but unlike KFC, the OLG need not worry about competition.
Brown was also pressed to explain why the OLG more than doubled a monthly retainer to Bensimon Byrne, the advertising firm used by the Liberals during the last election.

From April 1, 2001, to March 31, 2004, the company earned $38,000 a month from the then-OLGC.

The corporation signed a new contract with similar work expectations for a three-year period beginning April 1, 2004. The pay is $78,500 a month.

[..] Brown said he was not familiar with the intricacies of the contracts. But he said the OLG selects advertising agencies under the guidance of the advertising review board.

"Bensimon Byrne or any of the agencies would be compensated based on competitive rates for the work that they're doing," he said.

Bensimon Byrne was not part of the OLG's new logo campaign.
In the meantime, Bensimon Byrne is busy redesigning the Ontario trillium logo. Better luck to them next year when the OLG drops the G.

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Anonymous said...

DISCLAIMER: none of the following is a criticism of the London Fog or of Lisa's article. That said, my comment follows.

I agree that it's wasteful and unnecessary. But these stories - both of which were touted as major issues by the Progressive Conservatives - are, in the greater scheme of things, a distraction from the real fiscal atrocities...which is why the Progressive Conservatives focus on such drops on the bucket: like the Liberals, they are quite content to kill us with a socialist monopoly on health care that sucks up 40% (FORTY PERCENT...not six-million piddly dollars) of the budget. Combined with the government's quasi-monopoly on education, health and education suck up 78% of Ontario's tax revenues...only about 1/3rd of that revenue comes from the provincial income tax. Just imagine if the government ended its monopolies in these two areas alone and made the purchase of government health/education plans OPTIONAL: no income tax of any sort (corporate, personal etc.), no property taxes, reduced sales taxes.

It's not wrong to pick on these minor wastes of money. But they deserve only 1/1000th of the attention that is deserved by the programs that kill and stupidify us: government health care and government education.

This public service announcement can not be forgotten so that the main-stream press can get back to claiming that Liberals and Tories are HUGELY different because Tories claim they would not rename the OLGC or change the trillium.

Little Big Man

Anonymous said...

Errata: I meant to type: "This public service announcement can NOW..."

MapMaster said...

Yes, it's small potatoes compared to the health care and education monopolies, but it is a tidy illustration of what happens when governments incorporate monopolies in the first place. We dare not neglect these examples of the inherent waste and corruption of politically-manufactured monopolies simply because they happen also to be importuned for gross political purposes by the Progressive Conservatives. We recognize that they are no more committed to principles and no less committed to being in command of those same monopolies as the Liberals, but our comment on issues like these should not be construed as condoning their opportunism in raising them.

Sky Captain said...

Couldn't they rename it the Ontario Lottery and Gambling Association?
'OLGA' sounds so much friendlier.
And they can pay me the $6 million as a consultancy fee.