Thursday, September 28, 2006

Freedom Party Media

Here's Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever on the Michael Coren show with Claire Hoy and Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) head Sid Ryan back in July, discussing Israel's then-beginning war on the ululating pirates of Hezbollah. It's not exactly a provincial issue but the light of common sense shines through:

And, here's Freedom Party president Bob Metz appearing on some 9/11 anniverary show, opposite what appears to be a random guy who wandered into the wrong studio:

Ontario voters lamenting their electoral choice among socialists, socialists, socialists, and socialists in next year's provincial election should look into Freedom Party.


Anonymous said...

Christine Williams is far sexier than Paul McKeever. I hereby request that all Freedom Party videos feature a thumbnail of Christine Williams.


Sky Captain said...

Next time I'm in Canada get me a place in the audience on the Coren show;I would have loved to heckle the CUPE dupe(are ye fer the cause?).

Anonymous said...

What the heck did that Neals Chitan dude say in the second video? He talked for 3 minutes and said nothing. He should be a vacuum salesman.