Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Cult of the Oppressed Native

The couple who formed Caledonia Wake Up Call are organizing a protest on October 15th and the property destroying insurgents are asking the Provincial government to prevent the protesters from gathering.

Six Nations protesters are calling on the province to stop a rally they say could spark a "volatile situation" on the former housing development aboriginals have occupied in Caledonia since February.

[..] Hazel Hill, spokesperson for the aboriginal occupiers, said the governing Liberals need to step in and stop the rally before it creates a "volatile situation."

"They have to deal with it. This isn't public land . . . It's not optional to have rallies. It will incite problems."

Residents of the town, just outside Hamilton, and aboriginals have clashed several times since the occupation began more than six months ago. Six Nations protesters say they won't leave until the land they say was taken illegally from them more than 200 years ago is returned.
Actually, the government currently owns the disputed land, meaning it is indeed "public." It has not yet been awarded to the oppressed. The natives created this "volatile situation" in the first place, beginnning with their illegal occupation of the site, and the government choose to deal with the occupation and destruction of property by spending over $17 million of taxpayer money on the purchase of the land. If the proposed rally turns violent, it will likely be because the insurgents show up to hose down the protesters while the police hang around drinking coffee.
The province has no plans to sanction or stop the rally. Anne-Marie Flanagan, spokesperson for Aboriginal Affairs Minister David Ramsay, said the government won't "speculate about an event which may or may not occur . . . We'll . . . [sic] appropriate action to make sure people are safe."

[..] Former Ontario premier David Peterson, who the province appointed to begin negotiations in the dispute, said he doubts anyone will take the rally seriously.

"There are a lot of wackos in society. It's important not to give them too much credibility. I don't think anybody there will think this is a constructive thing to do."
Now that the government has gone ahead with the purchase, they must defend their decision and all who oppose the almighty wisdom of the provincial Liberals are a bunch of "wackos". There are a whole lot of "wackos" in government but unfortunately, even if we ignore them, they won't go away and their actions *or failure to act* remain destructive and counter-productive.

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Anonymous said...

You have to realize that the Indians and the Liberals are different branches of the same gang - The Plunder Gang. There is no such thing as private property in Ontario any more, only gang turf.