Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cry Fiscal Imbalance and blame the next tier


"It's as though they feel their lives have no meaning unless the media is paying attention to them."

Local pop culture expert Allan Gedalof
With the possible exception of Imagine London, the Urban League of London, and other gangs who enjoy frequent and undeserved coverage of their collective agendas, most Londoners recognize that the London Free Press is a piece of trash. It takes me about 5 minutes to scavenge through the news sections for blog worthy crusty bits.

Yesterday's edition was typical of the norm. Particularly pathetic was the front page. Occupying two-thirds of the page, yet another story about Toronto's purchase of a privately owned dump in Southwestern Ontario. This story has been headline news for the past four days. London currently has their own dump, meaning our backyard already smells like garbage, not to mention the interior, and the land Toronto purchased was already a dump for the unrecycled waste of Elgin county residents. Area politicians are now, unsuccessfully, calling on McGuinty to step in and stop the sale. The dump purchase is now becoming a "major" election issue.

The 'not so Free Press' is doing its best to divert readers' attention from the real issues impacting Londoners. Property taxes and municipal debt continue to rise along with the crime rate, but instead of focusing on the local mismanagement of the city, the London Free Press chooses to aid career aspiring politicians by deflecting public attention from their fiscal incompetence by reporting on campaigns to save the trees, ban pesticides, preserve heritage, and to stop graffiti by banning spray paint.

The other third of the front page - yes, the front page - was devoted to a story about a 36 year-old London firefighter and his 18 year-old ex-girlfriend exposing their dirty underwear on the Dr. Phil show.
London firefighter Corey Thompson battled burning charges of infidelity yesterday on TV's "Dr. Phil" show.

On the show, themed "Revenge of the Exes," Thompson was confronting his ex-girlfriend Ashley, who claimed he had cheated on her repeatedly during their 10-month relationship.

The 18-year-old woman said she hoped to exact vengeance on her ex-lover by exposing his disloyalty to the world on TV.

"She is just hell-bent to make me pay," countered the 36-year-old Thompson, who confessed to having affairs with three other women while dating Ashley.

When show host Phil McGraw asked why Thompson would date someone so much younger than him, he replied:

"She has a wicked little body on her. Can you blame me?"
The answer is to ban garbage and the Free Press along with it. Waste should not be permitted while Africans starve and die of AIDS. Trees shed tears of blood for each member of their race that is turned into newsprint. Recycling does not ease the pain.


Anonymous said...

Ontario's firefighters: overpaid, underworked and, apparently, oversexed.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Lisa. The MSM are masters of obfuscation and distraction when their candidate is indistinguishable from another, and when both are f'ing disgraces. Distinctions without differences are the norm. Out and out distractions from real issues are equally a disservice to voters...most of whom rely upon the MSM (so far) for info about how the herd intends to vote. The sooner these old tree rags go bankrupt, the sooner we'll have a respectable amount of attention placed where it belongs: political blogs.