Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Councillors late for meeting about trash because they were gorging at the trough

The dead tree edition of the London Free Press contains a little dirty brief concerning the upcoming public meeting to discuss the city's trash collection schedule. Planned for October 16th, the meeting is not yet scheduled because a few too many councillors were busy eating a plate of chicken cordon bleu at our expense.

No link, but reproduced in all its glory:

Delayed dinner break stalls trash proposal

A city hall committee didn't firm up plans to hear from the public about a proposed return to weekly garbage pickups when too few politicians returned from dinner to have a legal quorum.

Controller Bud Polhill and Coun. Cheryl Miller didn't return to a meeting of the city's environment and transportation committee following a dinner that had been delayed by a lengthy debate over Toronto trash.

The committee will meet again soon to schedule a public participation meeting Oct. 16.
Yes, they were filling their faces and talking about Toronto's trash rather than discussing city business. Apparently even more committees are needed to discuss how to form committees to choose the people to sit on the committees. A mandatory time management course would surely also be an asset.