Monday, September 11, 2006

But wouldn't Jesus's erection be divine anyway?

Cats may be God's creatures, but they are surely the most impenitent. To the conscientious soul a cat may be adopted as a useful scourge to one's impatience and vanity, but they generally do not inspire reflection on the divine. At least on one occasion, though, a cat provided an introduction between Edward Michael George and a Torontonian for whom even the idea of the divine inspires a prurient subsuming of it into the modern general mélange of sophisticated aesthetics that includes more easily cats, the quaintness of church steeples and the intellectual challenge of erections. EMG made the most of it:

"It's certainly very serious in here," she finally managed, tittering slightly. "Do you like this sort of stuff?"

"Oh yes," I said, affably, lighting a cigarette end I'd retrieved from a stinkingly brimming ashtray. "Don't you?"

"Oh yes," she replied--but in such a way as to leave absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was only a sense of what was fitting that kept her from shouting "No, you horrible man, I don't!"

"Good, good." I said, and hoped in turn that it might be taken to mean: "Damn your fine words, ye snaggletoothèd hen! Repent! REPENT!
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Sky Captain said...

What would Jesus call out if he was having an orgasm?