Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Arthur Majoor on CJBK

Arthur Majoor, candidate for mayor, will be appearing on the Shauna Rae Show on CJBK 1290AM between 10:30 and 11. There will be a phone-in segment, so call 519-643-1290 to ask him a question.

From The benefits of broad based opportunity by Arthur Majoor:

There is an old story about two clans who lived by the ocean. One clan spent their time sailing out and trying to catch whales, while the other clan netted fish. When the whaling clan caught a whale, everyone feasted, but between catches everyone went hungry. The fishing clan, on the other hand, ate small regular meals all year long.

London is becoming like the clan that hunted whales. City Council spends inordinate amounts of time and energy searching for the next “whale”. When a whale is caught, like the JLC, Ontario Summer Games, or Memorial Cup, there is a short period of feast, but then bills for the event have to be paid, and in the mean time, the day to day business of the city is neglected. Many of us in small and medium business never get an opportunity to take part in the financial “feast”, but we all most certainly pay for the whale hunt through our taxes.

A broad based property tax cut puts us in the position of clans which fish. While each person might only receive a small benefit, we will collectively spend and invest our tax savings to satisfy our own wants and needs, energizing all sectors of the economy. Instead of random investments in areas favored by city politicians and bureaucrats, or promoted by special interest groups, there will be a continuing flow of private investment in all areas of the economy. A broad based economic foundation will help protect the people and the city from the effects of economic booms and busts.


Bruce Gottfred said...

This guy is far, far too sensible to get elected.

MapMaster said...

Which is to say, he is far too sensible to attract the attention of the local media or the political interest "citizens groups" that direct the attentions of the media in this town and expect some little regulatory and/or subsidized favours from their elected beneficiaries in return. It's entirely a political game here in town and, as you infer, doesn't favour the non-professional career politician or non-media-polished activist. Funny how that describes almost all of the rest of us voters.