Friday, September 15, 2006

"The Anti-Social Contract"

Our "British correspondant" Owls Aren't Wise on the Social Contract:

I never agreed. I was too young. In fact I was never given a chance to agree or disagree, and was never asked to sign an actual contract. Nobody was. The 'social' variety of contract is in fact a deadly serious concept, a contract even more important than one between two business entities. It is supposed to bind an entire world to a promise, a promise that we already know to be unachievable, false even.

The only part that applies is the binding. And the binding is applied at will, because the 'Social Contract' is a Carte-Blanche one, not set to paper, except for a few vague and grandiose promises about the immense prosperity which will surely follow if we just do as we are told.
And its mode of propagation:

In the window of a gew-gaw shop in town was this poster, apparently taking for granted what everyone suspects, namely that the conclusion to any 'well-rounded' education today is the incorporation of copious amounts of the official religion, Marxism.


Sky Captain said...

Thanks for thinking of England, Map.
Just as long as you are sticking to your guns about not reporting too much from this end.
For my part I'll try not to be too parochial.

gm said...

That is a sign of the solidarity and unity of the stuggle of all against Hobbsian Marxism.

Sky Captain said...

Power to the Person!