Friday, September 15, 2006

An angry cop

As one part of the legal institutions devised for common defense of property and life, police are customarily reserved in their public criticism of the complementary institution of the judiciary. That's why it's so refreshing to listen to this justifiably angry cop in San Francisco after one of his colleagues was killed pursuing a repeat-offender felon and trying to mop up the almost systematic leniency of judges (via Proud to be Canadian).


command economy said...

You know what's bugging me, slightly OT, but displayed in this clip? The increasing prevalence of this usage:

"In lieu of the propensity of meat to rot at room temperature, I put it in my refrigerator."

Comrades! I beg you... in lieu of means "in the place of", or "as a substitute for". Even though it sounds similar, it is not an alternate pronunciation of "in view of". It cannot be used in lieu of "considering".

I've heard this malapropism at least three times now this week. Stop it, world!

Sky Captain said...


gm said...

The cops reresent the oppressive class of the Bourgeoisie.