Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Smokers identified as major cause of global warming

A reader of "The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter" comments on the US Surgeon General's report on evil second-hand smoke. Soon, your neighbour ten floors above will claim your second-hand emissions are to blame for his health problems. The proceeds of his successful lawsuit will be used to purchase treatment in the US.

In essence what the latest fear and loathing propaganda unleashed by the U.S. S.G. is doing is painting smokers as bad, selfish humans who are now willfully endangering the lives of "innocent" non-smokers and children by continuing to smoke tobacco.

Smoking around innocent non-smokers and children even in outdoor areas will now constitute assault and attempted murder in the eyes of some anti-smoking radicals.

There will be violence committed by both sides against one another in regards to the issue of smoking and second-hand smoke. The pros and the cons will end up declaring war on one another.

The intolerant, anti-smoking radicals will attempt to seize the S.G.'s report as a form of intolerance and use it as a means to empower the bigotry and hatred.
In Canada, the Comrades are hard at work empowering bigotry and hatred against obese people. The more trans fats consummed, the longer the lean have to wait in line for treatment.
A federal task force is proposing new regulations that would limit levels of trans fats. If followed, they would decrease the average trans fat intake of Canadians by at least 55 per cent.

The Trans Fat Task Force is recommending a two per cent limit of total fat content for vegetable oils and soft spreadable tub-type margarines; and a five per cent limit on all other foods containing industrially produced trans fats.

This five per cent limit does not apply to food products for which the fat originates exclusively from ruminant meat or dairy products.

[..] "In setting the recommended limits, the task force recognized that we will never completely get rid of trans fats. We strove for the lowest levels that would be feasible and would achieve the desired health benefits," said task force co-chair Dr. Mary L'Abbé, of Health Canada.

The task force limits apply to trans fat levels of finished manufactured foods as well as the content of ingredients in foods prepared at retail and food service establishments.
Home meal inspectors are next. Gotta make sure you wash that carrot properly.

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Gordon Pasha said...

At the CTV link, the very serious looking Chair of the Trans Fat Task Force, with multiple Canadian flags draping the background of her picture. The shame. The shame.