Sunday, January 1, 2006

What the people are saying

The masses are rising up for the London Fog!

When I want to laugh, I read the newspaper… When I want the news, I read The London Fog.
— Paul McKeever, leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario

I never really realized what a socialist paradise London Ontario had become until I began reading this particular blog.
— Fenris Badwulf, Mitchieville

Regular readers here are no doubt familiar with the greatest of all South-Western Ontario Blogs - The London Fog. A barber shop quartet of indignation who's purpose in life seems to be the demolition of the pretensions of London's governing elite. I honestly thought when I first started reading the Fog that Lisa, Mike, Mapmaster and Basil were exaggerting for effect. The more I learn about London, from those who have lived in and visited the city, the more I am convinced that the city's destruction would be for the benefit not only of the residents, who would be dispersed and integrated into the rest of Canadian society, but for civilization as such.
— Publius, Gods of the Copybook Headings

Although I don't usually agree with their political views, I certainly admire their commitment. And their blog site is always interesting, informative and a visual treat… Love 'em or hate 'em, the London Fog bloggers are smart, savvy and well-informed.
— Ian Gillespie, The London Free Press

The one positive benefit of this site is that it isn't some crackpot, right-wing soapbox like The London Fog.
— ryan_cool, commenter at AltLondon

London Fog Blogspot sucks the high hard one and I rarely log onto to it.
— mildred oomph, commenter at AltLondon

Where'd this right-wing shitheel come from? Did he just blow in from London Fog?
— Yellow Cake 9, commenter at AltLondon

[…] the incident involves the person who runs that ridiculous redneck blog, The London Fog, which rambles on and on with mundane details about it.
— Steve D'Arcy, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Huron University College, and commenter at London Commons

The LondonFog guy shows us that the other side never rests.
— Anthony V, commenter at London Commons

All you anti-war activists out there must be bothered by this shit…
— Jeff Pastorius, commenter at London Commons

If I wanted to be a part of a despotic site then I would have joined the London Fog years ago.
— Jeff Pastorius, again

"Fuck Bush! Fuck Harper! And Fuck the London Fog!!", Testament screamed out to open his set, after sets by a couple of contributors to the London Fog right wing blog site.
— Anthony V, commenter at London Commons again, where they are particularly fond of The London Fog

You have promoted the London Fog, a hateful website. They hate poor people and anyone else who does not 'wake up to the fact' that white male priviledge is an illusion. They also believe that every person has an equal opportunity in this country.
where else?


Anonymous said...

You guys are all a bunch of pinko commies.

Anonymous said...

"You guys are all a bunch of pinko commies."

I am assuming you made it through some type of education system... somewhere. How?

Anonymous said...

I love it when discord is aboound........Stupid monkeys with silly attempts at being interesting....The only cult in london is the Cult of the narcistic....I believe in killing terrorists .....even the deluded domestic type.........pfft...please your only licking the surfice and believeing everything you disagree with is the result of Communism....ha that was the biggest sociological civil engineering project of all time.....and anyone who believed in it wether agreed or opposed is blinder than you think.

command economy said...

THnaks for teh thotts,... its hard to rede when... oh plese... as if! Evaryboddy knows its takeing too mutch Problem to... write comment? Yuor stuped... if yuo think that way?!? I got teh pHD in Socal Worker..., so donot try ayn FUNNY BUsiness if you know what i mean!? lol~!

Anonymous said... spelling was quite terrible in that comment.....but i didn`t know this was a grammical test in anyway.....I figured it was much better to leave as is so that you could possibly grasp the concept.No i dont need a PHD to figure out any of this Bloggings is from a bunch of deluded Yuppie half wits with a trivial perspective in political science they may have attained from Western........Just an open mind...a sense of humour....and an utter disgust for the already brainwashed "Status Quo".....Thanx Mike thanx for being so completely typical.