Sunday, October 23, 2005

Svend promises to never have a fit of 'unpremeditated madness' again

It's official - former politician turned ring thief announced a few days ago that he hopes to run again in the next federal election. He need not have bothered to resign in the first place, as Canadians are more than happy to cast their sympathy votes at the ballot box as long as there is some expected benefit for the special interest group to which they belong. Besides, the ring is quite insignificant when compared to the tax dollars that Svend hopes to collect.

Longtime New Democrat Svend Robinson, who left politics after admitting to stealing an expensive ring, is making a comeback.

Robinson said Friday he will seek the NDP nomination in the riding of Vancouver Centre to run in the next federal election. That riding is held by Liberal Hedy Fry. "I'm asking for a second chance," he told a news conference. "I should be judged for my entire record of hard work."

Robinson was first elected in 1979 and served as a member of Parliament for 25 years.

He left politics in 2004 after he admitted to stealing a diamond ring in a moment of "utter irrationality" and later was given a conditional discharge for theft over $5,000.

"Again today I want to say how deeply sorry I am," Robinson said Friday, describing the theft as unpremeditated madness.

Robinson speculated Canadians would forgive him and would believe he can now manage his stress.

[..] Baier didn't think the ring theft would hurt Robinson's chances of beating Fry, pointing to the example of B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell bouncing back from a drunk-driving charge in Maui.

"People tend to forgive, especially when the explanation is 'I've been working too hard or I'm under stress."'

Although pressed by reporters several times, Robinson wouldn't discuss his medication for what he called a mild bipolar disorder.

"I'm careful about medication because I think it's really important not to suggest that because I may not be taking medication at this point, which I'm not, that somehow there's anything wrong with medication.

"'I wouldn't be taking this step unless I had the full confidence of my therapist," Robinson said.
If he's not on drugs, he should be.

After leaving politics, Robinson did some work for the B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union.

[..] A fierce advocate for gay rights, he was also arrested twice for participating in anti-logging blockades in British Columbia, earning the aboriginal name White Swan from an appreciative First Nation.

He campaigned for the right to die and was at the bedside of Sue Rodriguez, who was suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease, when a doctor helped her commit suicide.

He was videotaped wearing a flak jacket challenging Israeli soldiers at a
West Bank checkpoint into the locked-down Palestinian enclave. Then-NDP leader Alexa McDonough reacted by reducing his role as foreign affairs critic after he equated Israeli's military response to Palestinian suicide bombers to terrorism.

[..] In 2001, Robinson was teargassed at the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, later getting a $10,000 compensation payment after saying he was hit in the leg by an RCMP rubber bullet.
He's just so sensitive. The proletariat are sure to be impressed by Svend's heartfelt confession.