Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Proud Liberal Tradition - Joe Fontana in focus

Joe Fontana saved the CBC, and now he will save London, even if that means he must practice Japanese in preparation for his hoped for vacation. He's got the time to stick his nose in where it doesn't belong, as his 'responsibilities' are morally unnecessary and factually irrelevant considering the power allocated to the provinces on the issues of housing and labour. If so inclined, public mouthpiece Fontana could give Our Worship Anne Marie DeCicco a run for her ribbon cutting, baby kissing position. But Anne Marie continues to dream, while Joe gets to reap greater rewards for pamphleteering:
Federal Labour Minister Joe Fontana says London should go after a new Honda plant for Ontario, and he's willing to help out.

The Japanese auto giant, which has two assembly plants in Alliston and three major plants in the U.S., including in Ohio, is reported to be considering a new southern Ontario auto plant.

Fontana, Liberal MP for London-North-Centre, said Prime Minister Paul Martin helped land the new $800-million Toyota plant for the Woodstock area and could do the same thing for London.

"I'd very much like to see London make a pitch for Honda," Fontana said after yesterday's groundbreaking for the Toyota plant. "It should have made a pitch for Toyota."

[..] Martin visited Toyota's world headquarters in Japan in January and pitched Ontario to the former president of the automotive giant.

Toyota acknowledged yesterday Martin played a key role in the decision to build Ontario's first entirely new auto plant in nearly 20 years.

Fontana said he hopes Honda will build its third Ontario plant in London.

Asked if he'd want Martin to unleash his powers of persuasion again, this time on Honda, with a trip to Japan, Fontana said: "If that's what it will take, I'll go with him. I'll even practise Japanese."