Friday, October 28, 2005

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Christian sexist demonizers

Toronto District School Board meeting adjourns

The existence of a virtual monopoly on education by the government means that public school boards' revenues depend on nothing resembling quality or usefulness. It does mean, however, that they can waste money hiring useless twits who come up with things like this:
Teachers should forego traditional classroom Halloween celebrations because they are disrespectful of Wiccans and may cause some children to feel excluded, says a Toronto District School Board memo sent to principals and teachers this week.

"Many recently arrived students in our schools share absolutely none of the background cultural knowledge that is necessary to view 'trick or treating,' the commercialization of death, the Christian sexist demonization of pagan religious beliefs, as 'fun,' " says the memo.
Christian sexist demonization? These people obviously have no idea what they are talking about and are just tossing in entries from their handy rolodex of misanthropic PC cliches.
Citing calls by concerned principals and parents on the subject, the memo aims to make classroom Halloween celebrations consistent with the board's "equitable schools policies" and warns that "some students and their parents / guardians might experience their first Halloween not as a 'strange surprise,' but a 'traumatic shock.' "
I hope that parents who depend on public schools for occupying their children's mandatory educational time take extreme precaution before sending them out to these vampiric institutions. If Halloween is a "traumatic shock," the little tykes will never be able to cope with the disinterested tyranny of unionized teachers and the unchecked soul-sucking prohibitionary zealotry of underemployed bureaucrats. If their parents / guardians experience it as such, they are clearly unfit to live among people or, indeed, anywhere in the material world and their sensitivities should be disregarded or ridiculed. And if the manufactured cultural sensitivity isn't enough to convince the Christian sexist demonizing population that they are, in fact, bigots whose festivities ought to be suppressed, the Toronto District School Board trots out the commissariat protocols:
For other students, "food products that are marketed heavily during the Halloween period" may conflict with dietary habits that children know from home. An alternative to eating sweets in class would be to "write health warnings for all Halloween candies."
Holy Samhain! That sounds like sarcophagal fun!
The memo also warns teachers that "some students have had first-hand traumatic experiences of violence that make talking about death, ghosts, etc. extremely alienating."
Amateur psychologists that they are, the school board memo writers may not realize that they are projecting their own inability to deal with their undeadness on to their unfortunate charges.

[Article from the National Post, cited at Neale News.]

John the Mad is mad, mad he tells you, about this bit of "poltroonery" too. And Raskolnikov at Dust my Broom suggests that moonbat costumes are selling out quick this year.

Toronto District School No.1


Anonymous said...

Sure you can't offend wiccans with witch costumes, but you also have to remember that ghost costumes offend dead people, angels are an insult to Christians, and pirate costumes are a slap in the face to brigands.

The only question that remains to be answered is: how stupid do you have to be to get a job as an education bureaucrat?

Anonymous said...

Not stupid at all.

Consider the dollars set aside for their equality or human rights office and imagine the cushy, non-descript job you can get. You don't actually have to teach or administer a school. No accountability as everything you do is extremely important. All you have to do is issue memos, fund "studies" and develop "programs" that are unprecedented for a school board - so the only way to evaluate your work is to look at the sheer numbers of initiatives you engage in. Mandatory gay sensitivty training, expunging religious talk from the school, and now Halloween just might offend witches.

Where do I sign up for a $90K per year job like that?