Thursday, October 13, 2005

London - Proud home of potholes and record breaking nipple hairs

There's still time for Londoners to express their anger after returning home from the alignment shop. Our local supplier of cat boxer liners, popularly known as the London Free Press, reminds us that nominations are still being accepted for Ontario's worst roads survey. The winners are to be announced in November, so be sure to get your nomination in today.

In other news, Pothole City just might be the place to go if you want to grow ludicrously long body hair. Front page news from the London Free Press:
It might not be the type of world record you would take home to mother, but it is a world record and it was set here in London.

It's the length of a black hair on Tyler Ing's right nipple. It's 8.89 centimetres (3.5 inches) long -- long enough to make the 2006 Guinness Book of Records as the longest nipple hair on Earth.

"There are a few contenders on me, but that's the longest one," said Ing, 20, a University of Western Ontario engineering student.

Ing got the idea to apply after constant hassling from friends and the encouragement of his girlfriend.

"After you've been made fun of enough in the hockey change room, you might as well put it in Guinness," he said.

Don't pluck Anne Marie! You might have a chance for top dog in the next publication. Then, after you've made the yearly freak list, you could make it again the year after that by being the first mayor to cut her nipple hair at an official ceremony, rather than the conventional ribbon. Imagine how creative London will seem!


Anonymous said...

I wrote that Nipple Article!!!!!!

I'm so glad that my favourite angry-Londoner blog has acknowledged my work!

Tim K

P.S. Is there anyway to get in touch with you? The profile for "Lisa" has no contact info.

Lisa Turner said...

Greetings Tim;

Email sent. Check your junk mail if not found :)