Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The London Fog's 1st Annual Tasty Ration Contest

If you were forced to pledge allegience to an army based on ration cuisine, which of these delicacies would you choose?

The London Fog editors would also appreciate clarification from readers concerning what exactly is being served here.

My pick: The Mongolian menu, 'cause at least it looks like you get some carrots and nuts along with the bones.

And my pick for 'In the early years, even those in Siberian prison camps received better fare than this' award goes to: The Chinese ration of what appears to be mushed up worms.

And this is what we get in Canada - no veggies, but who cares, as you get a Kit Kat bar instead! How do they preserve the bun or whatever that lump of brown filler is at the top of the tray?

A polite bow to Quotulatiousness for the tip.

Update: Come on people! When the London Fog posts a contest, we mean for our readers to participate!


Anonymous said...

Um, maybe the Japanese? Is that canned raw horse meat?

Anonymous said...

Gee, the Taiwanese are lucky. They get whale meat.