Sunday, October 2, 2005

"Listen to meeeeeee…"

The existential chasm between London's mayor Anne Marie DeCicco and the world continues…

June 3, 2005:
"IS ANYONE LISTENING? Well, we'll know when they start moving forward on this."

[on federal gas-tax dollars allocated to municipalities]
September 29, 2005:
"What don't they understand? We've been very clear about our position. The fact we're still on a list tells us NOBODY'S LISTENING TO US."

[on "a so-called 'secret' report commissioned by Toronto and other nearby regions that lists London's landfill and the privately owned Green Lane landfill in Elgin County and the Ridge landfill near Chatham as potential sites"
City manager Jeff Fielding hasn't had the heart to tell DeCicco that, in fact, nobody cares…

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Alberta Pat said...

I was thinking of running a competition for the Daftest Mayor in Canada. However, one with a dead certainty for a winner wouldn't be fair, would it?

Mind you, it would be an achievement that Ann-Marie could put on her resume---might be its highlight!