Saturday, October 22, 2005

Left and Right

It's like telling Sunni and Shi'ite apart without a field guide.

Exhibit A:

Heartofsong83 wrote:
They should have mandatory National ID cards - that would take care of all those problems.

chymetoo wrote:
I think here they tried to get a card with all a persons valid id info and the civil liberties nuts went wild - invasion of privacy and all that. People even have fits at having photo id for health cards so mandatory national ID cards will come under the same fire.

styky wrote:
These same poeple don't seem to have a problem with their picture being on their card from Costco. They seem to have a double standard.
Exhibit B:
Suppose your boss tells you that you have to work overtime this week without extra pay. He tells you that if you don't like it, he can always find someone else to do your job. So he coerces you into working more under threat of dismissal. A libertarian might reply that no one forces you to work anywhere you don't want to. But no one forces you to live in a country (and obey its laws) that you don't want to live in either.


Anonymous said...

Heh. I finally bothered myself to reply to Josh. If you're interested:

jomama said...

Exhibit B...

So obvious and usually missed by the