Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Land of Shattered Dreams

A friendly warning to our friend Sorehead in the UK:

Every year 250,000 eager foreigners arrive in cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. After they do so, their careers, finances and lives are destroyed.
HT: Nealenews

Clarification: Escape is still necessary.


Sky Captain said...

Here is a little clarification of my own.
I have two higher degrees in Engineering.
I drive a truck, because I don't fit.
How is driving a truck in Canada worse?When there is space, and an awful lot of good people?
Don't tell me there aren't.I've visited four times in the past five years, spending three months in total.
Yorkshire has twenty live-music venues for six million people.Toronto alone has 200+.
The people in England aren't usually even the same species,let alone agreeable.I have more common interface with an avowed Canadian Socialist than with most English people.
What the hell am I supposed to do?Stay in this dump and stick to a couple of time-proven friends and the local Conservatives, once a month(and I don't get on with many of them),while living in cheap accommodation and doing jobs requiring a fraction of my ability, because I don't belong to the right 'boys club' or know the secret code?
Canada has a lot of problems.
I already know that for me, getting a P.Eng. isn't one of them.

Lisa Turner said...


I centainly didn't intend to suggest that Canada is more socialist than the UK, nor that you are better off staying in England. I also understand that you have family here, so I am sure that is an important factor for you when considering where to live.

However, I see many similarities between our respective countries, which I often like to point out on the fog, and it frightens me to see Canada following the statist tendencies of your country. Canada is quickly turning into a grand 'Collective', particularly Ontario. I send you friendly words of caution, and often consider immigrating myself.

Of course, there is no country free from the clutches of tyrannts and the ignorant, so ultimately this means we must choose the lesser evil if possible. Let us hope Canada starts learning from the mistakes of the English, instead of gleefully heralding the violation of rights and freedoms in the name of the collective good.

Good luck to you Sorehead.